One Democrat City Just Made A Ruling That Totally Hobbles Their Police…


Last year, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) signed bills that would ban police officers from stopping cars during low-level traffic violations.

In Philadelphia history, residents were being pulled over for minor traffic violations. The Philadelphia police normally used traffic stops as a pretext when they suspect illegal activity, even if there’s no basis for suspecting such activity used traffic stops as a pretext when they suspect illegal activity, even if there’s no basis for suspecting such activity.

The ordinance called “Achieving Driving Equality” was signed into law in October and going into effect earlier this month, prohibits the Philadelphia Police Department from stopping drivers who are violating certain aspects of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

This ordinance was made with no common sense. The police officers are now being stopped from enforcing the duly enacted laws of Pennsylvania and disregard established precedent from the U.S. Supreme Court. This means that the city is now also following Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner in fostering disorder and lawlessness in the City of Brotherly Love.

Below is a list of traffic violations that will be categorized as secondary violations after the law goes into effect. This means that you cannot be pulled over for them:

  • Expired registration (*must not expired for more than 60 days)
  • Incorrectly located temporary registration (*must otherwise clearly displayed)
  • Incorrectly fastened license place (*must otherwise clearly displayed)
  • Single broken brake light, headlight
  • Items hanging from the rearview mirror or on the dashboard
  • Driving without rear or front bumper
  • Expired inspections/emission inspections

The passing of the “Achieving Driving Equality” ordinance may have good intentions but the bill flawed statistical assumptions. But on the other hand, it strips the police of a vital law enforcement tool, one that has passed muster at the Supreme Court.

The number of homicides cases in Philadelphia is experiencing record-breaking, though the said bill will protect minorities from receiving traffic citations, the said minorities also will suffer from possible lawlessness that this wrongheaded legislation will only worsen.

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