Now That Don Lemon Has Gotten The Boot, Here Are His Top Five Foulups….


Discover the shocking instances of a prominent liberal news anchor caught red-handed spreading fake news, undermining his own credibility while trying to discredit conservatives.

Don Lemon, the former CNN primetime host, has faced severe backlash for his repeated dissemination of fake news. As a journalist who spent years attacking conservatives and accusing them of spreading misinformation, Lemon has been exposed as a hypocrite by a Fox News report, which highlights five instances of Lemon spreading fake news.

  1. Don Lemon’s dishonesty about Joe Rogan using ‘horse dewormer’ to treat COVID-19:

Lemon falsely accused podcast host Joe Rogan of taking a horse dewormer to treat his COVID-19 infection. In reality, Rogan took the human version of ivermectin, prescribed by a medical doctor. This blatant lie by Lemon served to discredit and marginalize conservative voices advocating for alternative COVID-19 treatments.

  1. Don Lemon’s unsuccessful attempt to make a British Royal Family commentator admit the U.K. owes reparations to indigenous people:

Lemon tried to push his reparations narrative on a British Royals expert, Hilary Fordwich, who refused to comply. Instead, she pointed out that African kings sold their own people into slavery, suggesting that they too should pay reparations if such a policy were implemented. This exchange exposed Lemon’s bias and unwillingness to consider alternative perspectives.

  1. National Hurricane Center director debunks Don Lemon’s climate change claim:

Lemon attempted to link Hurricane Ian’s size and intensity to climate change, which was refuted by Jamie Rhome, the acting director of NOAA’s National Hurricane Center. Despite the expert’s caution against attributing individual weather events to climate change, Lemon persisted in his misguided claims.

  1. Don Lemon downplays Joe Biden’s lies about Georgia voting law:

Lemon brushed off President Biden’s false statements about a Georgia voting law as “misspeaking,” even though the Washington Post awarded Biden “four Pinocchios” for his egregious misinformation. By defending Biden’s lies, Lemon revealed his partisanship and willingness to protect his preferred political party.

  1. Don Lemon’s ludicrous suggestion that a ‘black hole’ caused the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370:

In 2014, Lemon absurdly proposed that a “black hole” in the Indian Ocean might be responsible for the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. This baseless theory was swiftly debunked by Mary Schiavo, the former Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

These instances of Lemon spreading fake news demonstrate his anti-conservative bias and reveal his true agenda: discrediting and attacking conservative voices while protecting his favored political party. This hypocrisy underscores the need for honest, unbiased reporting and highlights the dangers of politically motivated journalism.

Sources: Taphaps, FoxNews

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