Indiana man makes blankets for police to give to children

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An 88-year old man from Indiana sews blankets for Police to give to children to keep warm.

This is the sweetest story you’ll hear all day. 88-year old Clayton Shelburne has made dozens of blankets for the children of his community.

This originally started with his wife as the seamstress sowing together blankets with Clayton as the outside person. But his wife passed away in 2015 and he took the reigns from there. He knows that it would make her happy to see him continuing the blanket making in her place.

From Fox News:

“My time is nothing,” said Shelburne. “I’m 88 years old, I can do this when it’s raining outside and I enjoy doing it. I’m sure if my wife was here she would be happy I’m doing this too.”

Shelburne decided to make the blankets for police after talking with his son, a Zionsville police officer. Police said the blankets would go a long way.

“We could show up to a crash and the weather could be like it is now where it’s nice and cold and that blanket will come in real handy when you wrap it around somebody in need,” Sgt. Adrian Martin of the Zionsville Police Department told Fox 59.

What a wonderful thing to do. Often kids are traumatized when the police are needed, whatever the situation may be. Sometimes they may just need the blanket for shock. God Bless Him.

In a world with so much drama and negativity, where it seems it’s all going to hell, this story right here is what we all need to hear. This is what it’s all about! Lets strive to be more like this sweet man.

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