WHAT A MORON!: Mayor De Blasio Says It’s “OK” For Illegals To Drive Drunk…

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Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to be a little more careful with what he is telling Americans. Millions of people are offended and very angry with what he just said about drunk driving and illegal immigrants.

Have a look…

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A few days ago Bill De Blasio’s gaping face hole made an appearance on CNN to do some “talking.” We may have recently covered some of his sanctuary city nonsense, but he just won’t stop uttering garbled attempts at sentences. This time he’s talking about drunk driving, and how he doesn’t think it’s an offense worth punishment. But only if you’re an illegal immigrant…

TAPPER: Under a new sanctuary city law that you approved, the city of New York shields from the feds undocumented immigrants who commit what are deemed to be lesser offenses, but they include drunk driving and grand larceny. If you’re a drunk driver and you’re an illegal immigrant, why should there be a place for you in this country?

DE BLASIO: Jake… we’re not going to see families torn apart over a very minor offense.

TAPPER: But is grand larceny or drunk driving a very minor offense?

DE BLASIO: Drunk driving that does not lead to any other negative outcome – I would define it as that [a very minor offense]. That, I think, could be a good model for how we proceed as a nation. Some small offense, that’s not a reason to tear apart a family.

This walking lobotomy holds office. Let that sink in for a moment.

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The issue here is painfully obvious. Almost as painful as listening to Bill’s lips flap together and make noises imitating words. The left has gone way beyond the root of the problem here. See, the government doesn’t deport people “just for owning weed.” Or “just for rolling through a stop sign.” They get deported for coming into the country illegally. Tis against the law. Remember?


Not only are people like De Blasio giving illegals a free pass for committing the crime of illegal immigration… But also a free pass for any crime deemed a “minor offense.” Drunk driving? A-OK! Only when committed by a non-citizen, of course.

We’re currently witnessing the lengths to which leftists will go to defend the indefensible. They put a lot of effort into justifying things like illegal immigration. Hence why most of them don’t have energy for jobs. A social justice warrior’s work is never done, as they say.

Behold, the reason why so many Americans decided to vote for anybody besides a Democrat

Mayor Bill de Blasio is such and idiot!


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