Just In: Gold Star Widow Releases Video Of Entire Private Call With President Trump – What It Reveals PROVES Once & For All Trump Was Right

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Bill O’Reilly has confirmed that the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s remarks to a widow is a “set-up” by Florida Democratic Rep. Federica Wilson, and this is not the first time Democrats have tried to scam President Trump.

O’Reilly noted Wilson, a four-term representative, had told reporters she only heard a portion of the call between Mrs. Johnson and Trump.

“They gave that information to Congresswoman Wilson, who is an anti-Trump hater and has been from the jump,” O’Reilly said. “Also, she voted against all of the bills that would help the military.

“She knew the call was coming in, she was in the car when President Trump reached the widow, Myeshia Johnson, 24 years old,” he told Bachman.

“Then, she goes out on CNN and says, ‘The president insulted Mrs. Johnson, made her cry.’

“This looks to me to be a set up,” O’Reilly concluded. “It really does.”

O’Reilly said the negative coverage reflects the media’s continuing efforts to “denigrate Mr. Trump.”

According to libertywriters:

The Democrats have tried their best, again, to condemn our President. It’s how they spend their lives, trying to find ways to make him look bad.

The latest is surrounding his attempt to offer condolences to the families of soldiers recently killed in Niger.

But check this out, ya’ll. We’ve got to get this out! A Gold Star widow has shared her phone call with President Trump, saying:

“He was a great guy. He was a boss.”

Natasha De Alencar lost her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, in a firefight with Islamic State fighters in early April. Here’s what she said Trump said to her during his phone call with her:

“I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation. What a, what a horrible thing – except that he’s an unbelievable hero. You know, all of the people that served with him are saying how incredible he was.”

He went on, “[e]veryone tells me how great he was.” He told her “[h]e was the boss… He was their friend. They all loved him.”

(Courtesy of the Washington Post via Youtube.com)

Trump knew everything about her husband, about their five children. He put himself in her position. She says Trump took the time to really express his heartfelt condolences.  What a tear-jerk moment!

If you are proud of our President and want people to know the truth, please get this Shared until it “trumps” all the fake news about this story. Comment “here’s the truth about Trump.”


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