What? Matt Damon Just Took A Stand For Trump and HOLLYWOOD IS IN SHOCK!


Wow! Matt Damon just took a stand for President Donald Trump! Liberal Hollywood is shocked!

With the hate coming out of liberal Hollywood, it’s a risk to your entire career to say anything positive about our President Donald Trump. But the ignorance is slowly leaving some parts of Hollywood after seeing the good that is coming out of Washington.

From World News Politics:

“First of all, I wish him well and we all must. A successful American president is good for all of us and we really have to be rooting for him right now,“ Damon said.

Matt Damon continued: “Obviously, it’s no secret that I didn’t vote for him. And yeah, I think there is a sense of we are heading into new territory here. “

 “He is obviously not a career politician, he has been very occupied with his own business interest, which are relatively narrow given the scope of what a president actually has to deal with, so I imagine he is really working hard right now to master so many sectors. He’s just got a lot of work cut out for him.”
He’s right. We are all in this together. Trump is our President. If you love America, we have to stand behind our leaders. Thank you Matt Damon for having the courage to speak truth and not be herded and pressured by Hollywood’s phonies.

Finally…..a sensible Hollywood Star. There’s a man you can respect! It’s what we as American’s are supposed to do. Your candidate may not have won but we support the President. If America thrives, we all benefit!
Share this one with everyone! Liberal Hollywood is not the only voice out there!

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