Librarian Who Rejected First Lady’s Dr. Seuss Books for ‘Racist Propaganda’ Was Caught Red-Handed

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Recently hit by two sweeping hurricanes, Irma and Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is facing widespread trauma and a significant amount of casualties on the island.

The entire island is in desperate need of food, water, and medicine. President Donald Trump has been working hard to get his troops on the way with resources and supplies to help the people on the island, but the mayor of Puerto Rico felt it necessary to attack the POTUS.

She claimed that Trump’s inefficiency is hurting the island, and he’s to blame that everything isn’t perfect right away. San Juan Mayor Carmen Cruz is just a typical terrorist-supporting Democrat.

We know this woman is a Democrat, and has a filthy past, and to top it off she is a terrorist supporter.

Praise God we have Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Russell who came forth to share a very different opinion of the President.

As worldnewspolitics reports, Rossello appeared by satellite on The View where he said President Trump has been in constant contact with a “very effective” response.

“Right now, the whole island, the infrastructure is devastated,” Rosello explained. “This hurricane has hit every corner of Puerto Rico. We have no energy grid. We have little access to water.”

The Trump Administration has been helpful. Rossello said Puerto Rico has been “working closely with the federal government to make sure we have all of our efforts ongoing.” Nonetheless, he did also say it is “critical” that Puerto Rico get even more help.

Liberals have really gone after Trump for supposedly not responding well enough to the crisis in Puerto Rico.

When asked if Trump’s assertion that the response has been GREAT is true, Rossello said that the federal government has responded well.

“The president has been in contact with me almost on a daily basis. So he is aware of the devastation, and I thank him for issuing pre-land emergency declarations. He has also given instructions to FEMA and other federal agencies to help Puerto Rico,” Rossello said, adding that the response so far has been “very good” and “very effective.”

In addition, Rossello agreed with POTUS’ claims that the island is hard logistically.

“What we really need are some human resources, which we’ve requested,” he explained, adding that many truckers haven’t reported back to work since the storms and supplies are hard to truck out to some areas.
“It’s a challenging situation,” Rossello said, adding that Irma and Maria have been “the most devastating event in the history of Puerto Rico.”

Currently FEMA and DOD staff are deployed, along with troops to help Puerto Ricans.
FEMA and personnel from the Department of Defense have been deployed to assist the people of Puerto Rico, according to Rossello.

What do you think of Rossello’s comments? Aren’t they different than what the San Juan mayor is claiming?


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  1. Seems liberal women have a jealousy, confidence issue with Trump, he is too effective for them so they can not pander and doodle around;;;;;;’getter done’. these type women have a ‘penis’ envy.

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