LEAKED Docs Have Revealed Some Bad News For Crooked Al Sharpton…


Reverend Al Sharpton and his wife Kathy Jordan Sharpton are on the way to dissolving their nearly 40-year marriage after rumors are flying that Sharpton may be prepared to marry his much-younger girlfriend, Aisha McShaw, 42, whom he began dating in 2013.

Now, leaked court documents indicate that Sharpton has finally made the decision to file divorce papers and officially end the couple’s lengthy relationship, which began after the pair met in the 1970s.

As spotted on TMZ, the famous reverend has filed for divorce from his wife of almost 40 years; well on paper. The two have been estranged from each other since 2004 but the outspoken media personality finally took the proper steps to legally terminate any connections to her. Apparently, the New York City native submitted the paperwork on Thursday, February 11.

Sharpton and Jordan originally met in the 1970s when he was touring with James Brown and Kathy was a backup singer for The Godfather of Soul. They two have two daughters together, Dominique and Ashley. At this time it is unclear if either will be requesting spousal support.

This is not the first time the activist has made the news due to his love life or lack thereof. In July 2013 The Daily News reported that the activist started allegedly dating fashion stylist Aisha McShaw while still married to his second wife Marsha Tinsley. That marriage lasted under a year.

According to AWM:

When McShaw first started dating Sharpton, she listed her career as a “stylist.” Her website details her passion for fashion and claims that she “began her fashion journey as a stylist, styling housewives, corporate women, celebrities, and attending numerous red carpet events herself.”

Her website also reported: “Aisha McShaw is a luxury womenswear made-to-order brand designed by Aisha McShaw. Aisha’s mission as the CEO of her namesake brand is to empower women. With over ten years in the banking industry, she diverged into the world of fashion to follow her passion. She began her fashion journey as a stylist, styling housewives, corporate women, celebrities, and attending numerous red carpet events herself. Influenced by old Hollywood glamour, she wanted to create timeless pieces for herself that she did not see on the market.”

After coming forward as Sharpton’s girlfriend, McShaw enjoyed many of the benefits of Sharpton’s attention. She attended events at the White House in 2014, where she enjoyed dinner with the Obamas when they hosted French President Francois Hollande. She was also a guest at the popular White House Correspondents dinner in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

McShaw, who has a daughter named Laila, appears to have an amicable relationship with Sharpton’s wife as they sat next to each other in October 2017 for Dominique’s wedding.

At the moment, it is unclear whether or not Al Sharpton and Aisha McShaw are planning to take their love story to the next level.

Sources: AWM, TMZ, The Daily News

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