Leaked Audio REVEALS Doctors Are KILLING Covid Patients!


Despite the effectiveness that Ivermectin medicine can give to patients against COVID-19, a lot of hospitals nationwide have withheld these from Covid patients in medical facilities.

But one Physician is brave enough to fight for Ivermectin as he pleads with one of the doctors who work in a hospital’s intensive care unit to help one woman’s critically ill husband.

The Gateway Pundit has obtained the private recorded audio between Miller and the said Doctor whose identity this publication has redacted. The doctor refused to provide the woman’s husband Ivermectin however; he promised that he would provide the patient supplements, including Vitamin D and Melatonin.

Watch and Listened it here: The Gateway Pundit/Rumble

But yet the doctor didn’t change the protocol and never even provided the patient additional vitamins or steroids and like other physicians the doctor continued to adhere to lethal Center for Disease Control’s orders, providing patients with Remdesivir, a drug that causes renal failure, and intubation on ventilators which Miller and a multitude of experts contend, are akin to” guillotines.”

After knowing this, the woman who asked her identity to be hidden was able to “smuggle” Ivermectin and vitamins into the hospital with the help of Miller, and days later her 54-year old husband was able to return home.

The Gateway Pundit further explained:

To date, Miller has treated over 2,000 critically ill Covid patients throughout the pandemic and saved hundreds of people from getting killed in hospitals.

The pediatric specialist has assisted families across Washington and the United States who have contacted him, pleading for help, as their loved ones are held hostage in hospitals and denied treatment that could save their lives. Consequently, the Washington Medical Commission revoked Miller’s medical license in October, alleging he is engaged in “threatening” behavior by “failing to social distance,” not wearing a mask “while speaking to a fully unmasked audience” and treating Covid patients with vitamins, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine.

Despite being targeted by the federal government, the CDC, and the state medical commission for exposing the truth surrounding murderous Covid malpractice, the renegade pediatric specialist continues to sound the alarm on the flagrant negligence that has taken the lives of an estimated  900,000 Americans.

Here’s what Miller told the TGP in an exclusive interview:

“Somebody said, ‘would you do it over and do it differently. Maybe I would but I wouldn’t have written that Facebook post about a local hospital and naming the doctors that actively killed a couple of people that I knew — and they did. They literally killed them. I named them and they didn’t like that. I ended up taking [the post] down quickly because a bunch of people told me it’s not smart to do that. But I was like, ‘F**k you guys. You’re going to kill people, I am going to tell people. Knock it off. Pull you sh*t together and start treating people like people.’

“I was so disgusted by what happened and they get to hide behind protocols in the hospital.”

After the nation was in lockdown for months in ‘quarantine,’ Miller spoke out at school board meetings when schools reopened, warning parents and school officials against illogical and detrimental Covid protocols implemented in classrooms and providing children with mask exemptions.

“How many people are locked up in their homes, they don’t go out they don’t go on playdates because they don’t know there’s treatment,” he lamented.

Suddenly, heralding the truth backfired. Accusations surfaced claiming Scott Miller is a fugitive who evaded felony charges in California and illegally fabricated ever having obtained a medical license.

He explained:

“A short time later there was a complaint against me. The complaint was that I lied on my initial application for my Washington Medical license. They said that I had a pending felony in California and that I lied on my license to escape California before the charges came down. It was a different Scott Miller. They failed to check — the investigator didn’t check — it was my wife that called the courts houses and the sheriff departments. The medical director for the state of Washington could have easily seen what the veracity was on that statement.”

“From February to September is apparently is the rapidness of which I was trying to flee the state from a felony charge.”

There are numerous risks and obstacles that come to Miller that made it hard for him to legally practice medicine.

But regardless of this saving innocent lives around the clock is worth witnessing “miracle after miracle” even if intervention saves “1 in 100,000” patients, the pediatric specialist contends:

Even with all of this, there have been so many blessings. I don’t know how people would get most stuff if they didn’t have faith or belief in God. I don’t know how it’s even possible.

There are ways to get medications to those patients in the hospital or while in the ICU, and the ones who were able to get medications — it’s like smuggling stuff into a prison — but the ones that were able to get the meds smuggled in came home, sometimes within 4 days of being on 60-liter high flow oxygen,” he said.  “They were being told they were going to be put on a ventilator Friday night and he came home Tuesday. But without the meds getting into the hospital he would have died. So, the ones who don’t receive the meds [die]. I have been accused of being the one — where they were my patients and they died, when in fact, they were in the ICU, I had never met them and the families reached out to me — and they actually considered those to be my patients.

The reason that so many people have had to be put on a ventilator in the first place is the lack of aggressive treatment. It’s not like they are getting put on a ventilator and then continuing aggressive treatment or starting aggressive treatment. They won’t even give them Budesonide neb, nebulizer Budesonide because they don’t want to ‘nebulize’ Covid. I’m like, ‘What the freak?’ I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve gone into with a neb machine and put Budensinite and Colloidal Silver and Acetylcysteine and I put a mask on them and I turn it on and sit next to them and take to them and chat with them — and they won’t do that in a hospital?  They could put them in a room where that’s all pumped out. They’re wearing a spacesuit, etc, and then if they are on a ventilator, they could easily do that and they still won’t.”

We are seeing 36 to 50-year-olds that are dying in hospitals right now. Again, necessarily. I remember the first phone call I got from 38 year old who got the J and J and she was telling me about the nightmares and her brain feeling like it was on fire and I just started crying. She was just so debilitated. And I started getting more and more calls from people asking me to help them. And just, shocking, horrible tentative, vertigo, they stand up and their world is spinning even laying down. Palpitations.

I stopped counting but it’s been 1700 people that I’ve treated successfully.

Source: The Gateway Pundit




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