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Toby Keith deserves a standing ovation. Americans will love what he just did for TRUMP…


CDP |  Just One Of The Many Examples Of Toby Kieth’s Dedication To This Great Nation

Despite the controversy over celebrities performing for Donald Trump, Country music superstar Toby Keith headlined a pre-inaugural concert on January 19 welcoming the new president to Washington, D.C.

But Keith’s appearance wasn’t a defiant expression of Republicanism.

Unlike those celebrities who refused to perform on political grounds, Keith didn’t regard performing or not performing at the inauguration as a partisan statement.

Instead, Keith’s reasons for appearing on stage transcended politics.

When news broke that Keith had accepted the invitation from the Trump inaugural committee, there was a considerable backlash on social media.

One of the most insulting came from the tweeter “glitterbitch.”  In the tweet, “glitterbitch” dehumanized and then stereotyped the Oklahoma-born Keith.

Keith offered no apologies about performing at the inauguration.

“I don’t apologize for performing for our country or military,” Keith told Entertainment Weekly after accepting Trump’s invitation.

Keith’s unapologetic patriotism was in stark contrast to other celebrities who either rejected the Trump committees’ invitation on political grounds or bowed out because of a backlash from politicized fans.

Welsh singer Charlotte Church flat out refused Trump’s invitation.  Her tweeted rebuff in January managed to be both political and scatological.

In the tweet, she denounced Trump as “a tyrant” and graffitied the tweet with feces’ symbols.

Others who declined performing at the inauguration took a higher ground but were nonetheless political.  Upon learning that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was performing for Trump, a member of the non-partisan group resigned.  The unidentified member said singing at the inauguration would have caused her a loss of “self-respect.”

A Rockette named Phoebe Pearl was “embarrassed” that the dancing troupe was appearing as per tradition at the inauguration.  Pearl equated her participation with the Rockettes at the inauguration as validating Trump’s supposed misogyny.

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Keith is a true Patriot!



  1. I think people need to get over it. It’s time to call it a day and move on. You are not accomplishing anything but dividing the country further. If you continue this BS you are no better than the race baiters or the rioters who think they can solve something by burning down businesses of people trying to make a living or looting their neighborhoods.

      1. Bull shit to you. There has NEVER been so much disrespect for the office of President of the United States and, frankly, I think every one of you bastards need to be lined up and shot for treason.

          1. By 9:30 last night,no anarchist was arrested by THEIR Campus Police.

            Aren’t Real police who respect this country,able to go in and arrest them?

            Many students are actually there to learn and want no part of this chaotic tumult,yet have to endure it anyway.

            I can’t believe these anarchists can get away with so much vandalism,violence a pain with no repercussions. That is a CRIME in itself!

          2. It is a thought. They certainly need something eye opening, but then that would be eye closing. If it would only be mouth closing…

        1. Totally agree!! You didn’t see REpublicans acting like idiots, i.e. Filthy marches just proving how really sorry you all are and then the Demos acting like spoiled children who didn’t get their way . Plus all the spoiled brat students and paid rioters tearing up beautiful campuses. What a worthy education you are getting!!!! GROW UP !!

          1. Amen, the only protesters you see are the democrats and the dirty liberals acting like dumbasses. Republican just have so much more class. POTU is only for the best interest of the people of the United State he is a breath of fresh air. It shows how bad Democrats have been the last 8yrs. It’s a shame, POTU is out to stop all this corruption and give back the American people back what they deserved. George Soros the devil most evil person has to pay democratic and liberals to start riots. You can tell who the George Soros payoffs are. They dress in black,
            the cowards.

        2. Amen, these haters are going to wish they stood by POTU. He hasn’t done anything but followers the rule of the Law. Just because Obama didn’t follow the Law of the land, Doesn’t mean the POTU has to follow Obama made up rules. The constitution was made from our forth fathers for a reason not for liberals to be PC and change the meaning with their PC words. Obama is trying to start shadow the government. I can’t wait until he steps over the red line then bye bye. He works for George Soros the evil devil of all time.

        3. I’m behind you on this one! Trump will be an excellent president. Obama is the one who ruined everything and caused the division.

        4. It disgraceful how some people in this country are speaking and behaving. It is not the America I grew up in.

        5. Why doesn’t President Trump do something about this. These people can be brought up on charges and the reason would be treason.

          1. President Trump needn’t be the one to bring them up on charges, We as American Patriots should be the ones bringing them up on the charges.

        6. DicklyndaHP, Talk is cheap. Your are a POS. If I could meet you face to face I would turn you into a time traveler, cause I would Bitch Slap you into next week.

        7. With you Carmen! Couldn’t have answered better myself. Trump is doing a great
          job. These leftist have a lot to learn. They bring shame to America. I am with our President all the way. Obama caused this separation between our Nation.

        8. DrLyndaHP, I so agree with you! They don’t belong in this country if they don’t like the President or our Country. Perhaps there is a better country where they can cry & get their way in! Need to check it out folks!

      2. I think its great that libtards are getting to see how Americans felt the entire previous 8 years. It’s especially gratifying to see these pathological hypocrites contradicting their own “tolerance” bullshit, though. Tolerate President Trump,…or shut your judgemental, hypocrite mouths, you quivering libtard hole wipes.

    1. I agree with you GJ. We finally made it through 8 years of Obama, they can make it through four years of Trump. And I think they’ll be pleasantly suprized along the way.

    2. I agree! Immature idiots are only stirring up more ignorance. At the end of the day, Trump is our president and I for one am all for him!

      1. If the parents of these sniveling brats had done a better job of parenting….and blistered their arrogant little asses a few times they would not be showing their ignorant asses now.

    3. I agree. It’s time to go over themselves. Donald Trump is our president whether they like it or not. I just can’t understand why there is so much hatred toward President Trump. There were a lot of people who didn’t like Obama but there we didn’t have people blocking roads, holding anti-Trump rallies, threatening Obama’s life, dragging his girls through the mud. It’s just so un-American.

    4. I agree…all this B. S. Is getting so old! Get over it and move on, quit wasting your life on stupid stuff and start living it instead. Geez…!

    1. I’ll be buying a lot more Toby CD’s. Not that OI don’t already have a collection but I’ll be giving them as gifts.

  2. I have great respect for Toby Keith . He showed that not only being talented but very humble as well despite the hatred of others , people like him are the ones that make a difference in this country and showed what a true man stands for . Thank you Toby Keith and keep doing what you do .

  3. Not normally a country fan but Toby, I might just have to get one of your CDs! Thank you for doing the right thing.

    1. Yes I’ve non stop thought of getting one of his CD”s too. I will do any day! I think he is a very good patriot American who knows dam well Trump is EXCELLENT for the NOW restoration America MUST DO!!! Islamic Obama took away from America as much as he could the deceiving traitor! THANK YOU Toby Keith ?

  4. Thank you toby for standing up for what you believe in i wish. I wish more celebrity’s were as good American as you.

  5. Toby, it makes no difference what others think, you performed because you did it because your an American Patriot. That is he only thing you should be concerned about. It is not a Republican thing, it’s not a Democract thing but an American thing. God Bless you for your participation in the greatest thing anyone could ask for. We are American and we want the best for our Country our military is still on their jobs. Thank you again. Another AMERICAN LOVING MY COUNTRY.

    1. Thank You Toby Kieth… I agree, this is about our Country not all of the Trash that is being stirred up..

  6. Thank you Toby, no matter who you voted for, you didn’t let that get in your way of accepting an honor invitation to perform for our new President. I think that deserves a whole lot of respect. I’m proud of what you stand for, a TRUE AMERICAN. I will continue to buy your music that I love. If you ever find yourself in El Paso, Tx. I would be honored to make you a special cake, as I am a cake decorator, just give me a heads up.

  7. Bunch of “TARDS that don’t appreciate his music anyway. It don’t bruise their brain? with the thump thump bang bang drowning out the words. Bet he don’t lose one cent in sales.

  8. So proud of Mr. Toby Keith. He is an American who loves his country. Mr. President asked him to be there for the country. And that is what he did. And also what he did for past presidents! For the other people who backed out, for whatever reason, you should leave the country. To stab America in the back is a disgrace. And by turning down a request from the President, that makes YOU a disgrace.

  9. Toby
    I would personally want to shake your hand if I could. You showed us all what a true patriot who is his own man does in America. What he wants. You do what you believe in. You don’t let others intimidate you. The rest were too chicken shit to appear as though they believed in our president. We voted for him let us all support him.

    1. I would love to shake his hand to! Go Toby !!!! Ya know as I remember no one who didn’t votefor Obama didn’t hear of them acting stupid like people have been since Trump took office so why don’t those idiots just stop! !! Ya know!!

  10. Toby Keith,
    You are a true American hero for standing up for your country and being so humble in doing so. I know God will always bless you and your family and fans. I am the wife of a disabled veteran that says all these people that don’t support our country should NOT be here. And I agree because he has paid an awesome price for his service in the vietnam war in the military. We TRUE AMERICANS will never forget you. Thank you so much

  11. I am sick & tired of the people who condemn Toby Keith and others for standing by our PRESIDENT who are all Americans. These people who disagree with them do not belong in this country as they are doing the job that has to be done. Trying to rebuild America to the way it use to be. So the people who disagree get the hell out of here and go to some other country.

    Richard N Scott a true American

  12. Who on earth would want Charlotte Church when we could have Toby Keith???????? I’m so glad
    she refused to sing if she was even invited…….She probably went and had coffee with Whoopi & Joy

  13. I’m so proud of our country music Stats for doing what’s RIGHT God Bless you all and thank you from Nashville Tennessee we love you Toby ?????????

  14. Yay Toby! If I wasn’t a big fan before I am now! Thank you for being such an American Patriot, and for standing up for our country.

  15. Toby thank God we still have real men in this country like you with people like you we will never let the
    losers take us over.They are trying to destroy the USA with their fifth/y ways of life


  16. Lol my mom has the biggest crush on toby Keith.. it would truly be an honor to meet such a glorious man. I’ve always enjoyed his music. Now I love him even more. Congratulations Toby Keith. Thank you.

  17. Thanks Mr. Keith for being a true American. May God keep blessing you a 1000 fold. For trusting in our God for doing letting him speak to and through your heart.

  18. Thank you Toby Keith. Have always liked your music and like it even better now. You are a true American. Proud of you for standing up for the right thing to do.

  19. Proud you did it was sure you would American and A Okie. Live about 6 miles from your home made all of the Okie.Proud love your Hugh American Flag you have flying true Okie.true cowboy love your songs love country and western. Thank you God bless

  20. If u dont like trump then get off your lazy treasonist ass and get the fuck out of this country we dont want u here teump is prez getthe fuck over it u bitches

  21. If u dont like trump then get off your lazy treasonist ass and get the fuck out of this country we dont want u here teump is prez getthe fuck over it u bitches this country is tored of your shit

  22. The biggest hypocrites are the democrats, there racists and stupid, they make excuses and are never accountable for any of there actions. They destroy property and then blame Trump because they don’t like him. Most are getting support from the government and don’t like that the free ride is going to stop.

  23. Good Anerican Boy!! Supporting our country!! He went to my church as a boy
    Bro Hodges would be proud. My son is Pastor there now. We love you Toby! I go by your Mothers house when I go visit my son!
    Come see us!! Yancy knows the way!!
    I met your Mom in a restaurant in Norman–Beautiful Woman, loves her lil Boy-You!!

  24. Proud of you Toby. So thankful there are still real men that aren’t ashamed to stand by their convictions. The liberals ate proving how anti America. they are. I am tired of my ta,es going to pay for people that too sorry to work. All should go to one of the Muslim countries to get a taste of what life would be like. You would be thankful to live in a country where we still have some freedoms left. God Bless Trump and the USA.

  25. I have been a Toby Keith fan since the early nineties. HE has been a patriot all of his life, entertaining the troops,etc. We would all be better off if there were more heroes like Toby in this country and the world. God bless Toby and our country.

  26. You are absolutely right and I agree 100%. But the liberals and democrats don’t even understand what ur telling them to do because they are such immature idiots and crybabies. I wish ur simple and direct message would make them stop but I have little hope. They can’t handle defeat or admitting that Trump IS GETTING IT VERY RIGHT AND WILL CONTINUE TO KICK BUTT.

  27. Liberalism is a disease, and weak form of communism. Unfortunately this is being taught in our schools. They cry and throw tantrums if they don’t get their way. Now they did not win they want to change the way we vote they want to get rid of the electoral college. The Republican party did not go crazy after Obama won. This country is in bad shape and I see no recovering from it in anytime soon.

  28. the liberals have tried for years to take away our second amendment rights; Nearly succeeding under Obamas eight year reign. We may not all agree with president Trumps way of doing things, But I believe he is on the right track and given time he will be a good leader of our beloved country. As for the performers at President Trumps party, god bless the patriots who performed, and shame on the cowards who bowed to media pressure and liberal threats of retaliation. God bless America and those who are tasked to lead us.

  29. People are getting sick and tired of the Liberal left or dedicated Democrats – or whatever else they want to call themselves – for trying to force their beliefs and attitudes on others who think differently. It’s time for them to be a little cautious – otherwise they may get their anti-Trumpism bullshit crammed back down their own throats!

  30. There’s an easy solution to this issue! And it don’t have to include violence, because violence only begets violence! However if these dumbocRATS and liberals are so unhappy with the outcome then just simply leave the country! It’s their own damn fault they nominated a criminal and it’s their own fault they believed we the people were that stupid! Well stupid is what stupid does! Now it backfired and the dumbocRAT party is on the verge of total meltdown! When the smoke clears and at the end of the day you’re really going to see how we the people have made a giant statement about what we actually think of that party! Recap! We the people don’t want bigger government, we don’t want socialism it don’t work, no more redistribution of wealth it do t work either, no more overreach no more forcing people to do what they don’t want to do or get what they don’t want to get! GET IT? If you don’t just remember 2018 just around the corner and it’s payback time again! 26 dem seats up for grabs let’s send them back to the Stone Age

  31. I recognize that the socialist/communist agenda has permiated the Nation, we have been infiltrated and either we get rid of commies or they WILL get rid of us. Will we choose to defend our Republic ?

  32. We must come together for the good of the country. United we stand. . The left loves to divide us. God Bless America When the President get his promises in place, we will see growth and change. Ane the America we remember as a great country.

  33. Let Trump Do His Job Stop Bitching What Good Did Our Other presidends Done For Us Nothing Trump Does Not Need To Babysit US But He Chooses To Take Care And Protect Our Land So Get Over Your Cry Baby Shirt Not One Good President I Remember Do You

  34. Charlotte Church proved Trump has poor standards by inviting her to sing in the first place. Why the hell would ANYONE want her when she denigrated and insulted our heroes on 9/11 in the aftermath of that horror?

  35. Amazing to see the hatred. Also amazing the play by play from the liberal playbook…such a sad life you’ve carved out people…the 1 life I’m living will be more rewarding….TRUMP/PENCE 2020….ouchhhhhh now that hurts…lolol

  36. Toby Keith you are indeed a rare breed a True American, who doesn’t care what others believe.Praying that God above holds you in the palm of his hand and that you experience untold blessings from above.

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