John Legend And Kelly Clarkson BASHED A Patriotic Song, And Now they’re Feeling The Heat…


Can you believe what’s happening on The Voice these days? You’d think that being a judge on the show would mean focusing on coaching the singers and not diving into politics. But Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, two talented and legendary singers, have crossed the line by offering criticism of the song “God Bless The USA,” which no one asked them for.

As coaches on The Voice, they should be helping their singers improve and reach their full potential. That means offering constructive criticism without letting personal biases or feelings interfere. But when Kelly and John shared their opinions about a particular song, things got a bit too personal with the fans.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to bash Clarkson and Legend for their harsh comments on singer Gyth Rigdon’s performance of “God Bless the USA.”

Now, it’s no secret that our country is divided over politics and even our National Anthem. So when Gyth chose to perform this patriotic song, he knew it would stir up some controversy. But that didn’t stop Kelly and John from slamming Gyth, not just for his vocal performance but also for his song choice. And yet, they still praised him for picking a song that meant a lot to him.

Gyth didn’t shy away from showcasing his patriotism on stage. He was surrounded by red, white, and blue scarves, making it difficult for the judges to criticize his performance without seeming unpatriotic. Kelly Clarkson even admitted to Country Living that critiquing the song felt like a risky move, saying, “I feel like you can’t critique this song or you’re going to hell or something.”

But that didn’t stop her from sharing her opinion. Kelly told Gyth:

“I will say, this is not my favorite vocal of you this season because I think you are a ridiculously talented vocalist.” She then went on to say, “The song is a lot of sustained notes, you know, because it’s all heart, it’s all of us singing together, usually in a big crowd. So, this wasn’t my favorite, but I loved that you picked it, and I love that it means something to you, and I think that it’s beautiful that it’s never been done on the show before.”

John Legend chimed in, “I agree with Kelly that this wasn’t your greatest vocal performance, but it was very strong, and I felt the energy and the emotion.”

Unfortunately, their remarks didn’t sit well with the general public. It seems like an obvious attempt by liberal celebrities to insert their political opinions where they don’t belong. This is a singing competition, after all, and the focus should remain on the contestants’ talent and growth, not on the political leanings of the judges.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Kelly and John’s comments have only added fuel to the fire of political division in our country. It’s time for celebrities to keep their political opinions separate from their professional duties, especially when it comes to a beloved show like The Voice. The fans are there to watch and support the singers, not to witness a debate on patriotism and song choices.

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