DeSantis Just Told Biden To Take One Of His Ideas And Stick It….


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration have expressed strong disapproval of the Biden administration‘s recent proposal to introduce new regulations that would hinder schools from imposing bans on transgender males participating in girls’ sports. They have vowed to resist any such regulations.

Florida’s Commissioner of Education, Manny Diaz Jr., has openly criticized the proposed regulations and the Biden administration’s handling of the matter, stating that Florida will never comply with them. Diaz expressed his disdain for the Biden administration’s attempts to impose their progressive views on everyone else, referring to the proposal as a sad and pathetic move by a totally incompetent administration.

Diaz emphasized that Florida will never permit boys to participate in girls’ sports and will resist this federal overreach with determination, committed to preserving the protections granted to women under Title IX.

The Department of Education, under Joe Biden, states that schools receiving federal funding cannot impose outright bans on biological males participating in girls’ sports. Instead, they can exclude individuals on a case-by-case basis, allowing schools the flexibility to create their own participation policies.

However, the proposal has been met with strong criticism from parental rights advocates, who argue that the regulations are overly vague, potentially causing schools to shy away from enforcing any restrictions on males participating in girls’ sports.

Nicole Neily, president and founder of Parents Defending Education, expressed concern that the Biden administration is attempting to insert gender identity into athletics while placing the burden on school districts to determine whether doing so would be problematic. Neily believes that schools will err on the side of inclusion, fearing potential backlash from the Department of Education.

Erika Sanzi, the group’s outreach director, referred to Biden as a “gender czar” and accused his administration of putting school districts in an impossible position.

The proposed regulations are now entering a public comment period, during which they are expected to face significant opposition from critics. If approved, the rules would apply to all K-12 public schools and colleges and universities receiving federal funding.

DeSantis has previously criticized Biden and his administration for their efforts to impose progressive gender policies on schools. He has pledged to fight against what he perceives as intentionally destructive policies, such as denying school lunches to states that refuse to implement gender ideology in schools. DeSantis has expressed his commitment to defending the taxpayers and hard-working people of Florida from the Biden administration’s overreach.

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Sources: ConservativeBrief, DailyWire

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