Is Loony Liz Cheney About To Throw Her Hat Into The Ring…


Liz Cheney, the former Republican Representative from Wyoming, has suffered a major setback in her political career. She lost her primary election in August and is now considering a presidential run in 2024. As speculation mounts, Cheney has taken up a new position as a professor of practice at the University of Virginia. The center’s director, Larry Sabato, said Cheney’s work would “contribute to finding lasting solutions that not only preserve but strengthen our democracy.”

Cheney released a statement saying she hopes her work at the university will “advance the important work they and others at the University of Virginia are doing to improve the health of democracy here and around the world.” NBC News noted that her contract would run through this year’s fall semester, with an option to renew for one or more years, indicating that she could have other plans in 2024.

CNN reported that Cheney is one of several Republicans considering a presidential run in 2024. Cheney lost her House seat to a Trump-backed primary challenger and has since launched a political action committee to purge the GOP of Trump’s influence.

During a recent interview, Cheney did not rule out running for president in 2024, saying, “At this point, I have not made a decision about 2024. I’ll make a decision about 2024 down the road.” However, she made it clear that her mission is to go after former President Donald Trump. She threatened to leave the Republican Party if Trump is the 2024 nominee, saying, “I’m going to make sure Donald Trump isn’t anywhere close to the Oval Office.”

Cheney also recently headlined the American Enterprise Institute’s annual Constitution Day Lecture, invoking Abraham Lincoln’s “call for patriotism” and emphasizing the importance of protecting our inheritance of liberty and resisting the rise of a mobocratic spirit.

Cheney used her concession speech in August to suggest she may run for president in 2024 to “stop” Trump. “The path was clear. But it would have required that I go along with President Trump’s lie about the 2020 election. That was a path I could not and would not take.”

While speaking at The Texas Tribune Festival, she teased a 2024 run, saying she was “thinking about” joining the 2024 Republican presidential race. “That’s a decision that I’m going to make in the coming months,” Cheney said.

Conservative writers have been divided on Cheney’s political future. Some believe that Cheney is a model of political courage and leadership and could be a powerful voice in the fight to preserve democracy. They view her stance against Trump as a principled one that stands up for the rule of law and the Constitution. Others, however, see Cheney as a turncoat who has abandoned the GOP and is more interested in attacking Trump than advancing conservative policies. They view her as a liability and argue that her divisive rhetoric will only further divide the party.

Despite the controversy surrounding her, Cheney continues to push forward with her political ambitions. She remains focused on protecting our democracy and standing up for what she believes in. As the 2024 election draws closer, it remains to be seen whether she will decide to throw her hat in the ring. But one thing is clear: Cheney is a force to be reckoned with, and her political career is far from over.

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Sources: Conservativebrief, CNN


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