She Spent 200K On Plastic Surgery Because She Didn’t Like How She Looked, The End Result Will…


In her quest to become a real-life “Barbie doll,” Tara Jayne McConachy spent more than $200K worth of surgery.

It has been said that the 33-year-old from Australia’s Melbourne, “loves her plastic doll vibe” but she’s not done yet as she is planning to remove her ribs to get “a more tapered waist”.

According to multiple reports, McConachy has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to change her look from head to toe.

Her addiction towards going under the knife has apparently gone too far and her home country has banned her from getting any procedure, so she travels around the world to obtain her dream body. Even during Covid lockdowns, she traveled to Europe to have more surgeries.

The 33-year-old nurse said in an interview that she spent a staggering amount of money to create an extremely over-the-top physique of oversized lips and humongous breasts to develop a “fake” look that she claims to love.

Five breast augmentations, six nose jobs, and endless jabs of botox and filler are just the start, she says, with nothing going without a nip or tuck.

Doing the maths, Jayne has spent more than $200,000 on surgeries and alterations and, despite some negative feedback, is “proud” to be plastic.

“Plastic surgery gives me a sense of empowerment. I think in this day and age it’s very important for a woman to be able to express the way they feel and just express everything about beauty,” the influencer said.

“Plastic surgery is how I do that and that’s what makes me happy.”

In the docuseries, Tara describes herself as an “upgraded limited-edition Barbie doll.” She also complained about the size of her E-cup breasts and how they are not as large as she wants them to be.

“I think I want to get my boobs bigger,” she said.

More details of this story from AWM:

While on the show, Tara said she noticed she had developed a “rippling effect” on the skin near her breasts and hoped that by “filling out the space more,” the issue would magically vanish.

However, the Botched doctors told Tara that her body weight was “dangerous low” and that it would not be safe for them to give her larger breast implants.

“I’m really concerned about Tara’s overall wellbeing,” Dr. Nassif said. “Not just as it relates to surgery, but she really needs to get both physically and mentally healthy.”

Although she did not have the support of the Botched doctors, she said she would never stop striving to have the body of her dreams.

“There is no limit for me when it comes to plastic surgery. It is incredibly addictive, and I already want bigger breasts,” she said. “As soon as travel is permitted, I have plans to go back overseas to visit my surgeon and get my breast size increased to 1500cc [from their current 1050ccc].”

She added, “Plastic surgery is how I do that, and that’s what makes me happy. It gives me the confidence to be the best version of myself.”

Tara has expanded her social media presence beyond Instagram to include a pay-per-view account on OnlyFans. She reported making $10,000 in her first three days on OnlyFans.

Due to her extreme desire to make her body look outrageously fake, Australian surgeons have refused to perform any more surgeries on her, which prompted her to seek alternatives from abroad.


As a result, Tara did her last breast and butt implants in Turkey, which cost her $30,000.

Tara claimed she doesn’t think her quest for cosmetic surgeries is an addiction but more like a hobby stating, “I am not hurting anyone. People have hobbies, they ride bikes, play basketball, go to the movies – they do things they like and I like plastic surgery.”

Source: AWM

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