Identity Of Mystery Man In Photo Protecting Woman During Vegas Shooting Has Been Revealed


Some years ago, I had a neighbor that took a hit protecting someone from being injured and it was one of the greatest stories I had ever heard.

He was riding a subway home from work when a nut started to go after people with a knife. He saw what was going on and jumped into take the guy down. At the end of the day he ended up with several stitches.

I remember seeing him in a grocery store sometime after the fact and told him how astounded I was the way he willingly put himself into danger to save others.

In a few months time, you can imagine there will be a large ceremony at the White House honoring the wounded and all the heroes of the Las Vegas massacre. You’d have to think U.S. Army Soldier Matthew Cobos will be among those in attendance.

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From Daily Mail: The mystery man at the center of one of the most haunting images from the Las Vegas massacre has been revealed as a young US Army soldier who bravely ran into the danger zone to help others.

Matthew Cobos was photographed on Sunday night lying on top of a young woman in an attempt to shield her from the barrage of bullets tearing through the air around them.

More on Cobos…

When the photo first emerged, it wasn’t clear if the woman was dead or seriously injured. But the man who took it, Getty photographer David Becker, revealed on Tuesday that the couple had managed to run away seconds after the photo was snapped.

However, has since learned that once Cobos got the woman to safety, he then ran back into the danger zone to help others who had been injured.

Cobos used his belt as a tourniquet to help stop the bleeding on victims.

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