Hunter Biden CAUGHT In ANOTHER Lie About His Laptop!


The laptop might be real and contain images and emails embarrassing to White House front runner Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Perhaps the computer once really belonged to Hunter Biden. And maybe the emails published October 15 by Rudy Giuliani and The New York Post include real documents. Even the Biden foundation sticker on the outside of the laptop might be the real thing.

First son Hunter Biden sat down on his first interview since the Inauguration with CBS Sunday Morning with reporter Tracy Smith.

The CBS reporter asked Hunter Biden during the interview if the “laptop” with all of his contents on it, including his family porn and crack-smoking, was his laptop.

Hunter denied through his teeth in his response.

This could have been an epic exchange if the reporter knew anything.

Reporter Tracy Smith: Was that your laptop?
Hunter Biden: For real, I don’t know. I just don’t know.
Tracy Smith: You don’t know yes or no if that was your laptop?
Hunter Biden: I don’t have any idea. I have no idea.
Tracy Smith: It could have been yours?
Hunter Biden:  Of course, there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was Russian intelligence.

Of course, Hunter Biden signed a work request at the computer shop where he dropped off his computer and then forgot to go back and pick it up.

There’s a signed receipt by Hunter Biden for the work.

The reporter should have known this rather than pushing conspiracies on the American public.

Sources: GATEWAY PUNDIT, New York Times

2 thoughts on “Hunter Biden CAUGHT In ANOTHER Lie About His Laptop!

  1. Maybe Hunter’s like the R.L. Stevenson character – and the personality manifestation talking to the reporter is claiming that his alternate “Hunter” that owned the laptop is someone he doesn’t even know….. Well, it’s as good as any tale he’s likely to conjure up. And drugs transformed Doctor Jekyll, too.

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