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Caller ID is a particularly helpful way to avoid answering calls from scammers, but it’s not always foolproof. Sometimes we avoid answering the phone whenever we don’t recognize the number or the caller because we worry it might be a spam call. Other times, we realize that we could be getting a legitimate call from a number we don’t recognize, and we answer the call only to realize that it’s a scammer.

With spam and scam callers as active as ever and taking advantage of gullible people even in the middle of a pandemic, one TikTok user decided to beat them at their own game.

The Lifehack courtesy of user Roy L Baker Jr. (@ 1roy_jr) is the latest in a long line of TikTok tips on dealing with scams. In the past, users have also shared their tricks to avoid Venmo scams, catch catfishing dating profiles, and dodge price increases on Uber trips.

Baker’s hack is a little goofier, although his video left a lot of TikTokers claiming they couldn’t wait to try it out for themselves. His more than 9 million views video shows Baker using fake voicemail to ward off scammers.

The viral TikTok video begins with Baker receiving a call marked “Spam Risk” from Mosier, Oregon. Using his deep-toned voice to deliver his best interpretation of a CIA representative – which he is clearly not – Baker answers the call to inform the caller that they’ve reached the CIA.

“Hello. Thank you for calling the CIA. You’ve reached our scam and fraud division,” he says. “All of our agents are currently assisting other callers.”

The TikToker then informs the spam caller that the “agency” will begin downloading all of their incoming and outgoing call logs so as to “help” them with whatever scam they’re reporting.

“To further assist you, please hold while we download your incoming and outgoing call logs to be analyzed against our database of known scam and fraud operations. An agent will be with you shortly,” he announces in his booming voice. Unsurprisingly, the caller on the other end had heard enough and immediately hangs up the call. “That’s what I thought,” says Baker as the call ends. The video was a huge hit with netizens across social media platforms, many of whom called his impressive and unique hack “genius”.

The hack is funny and ironic, and probably impossible to replicate without Baker’s deep voice. Still, many called the idea “genius”. Others asked Baker to record audio of his speech so they could play it when scammers called.

Watch the viral video below:


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