Her Lips And Nose Were Ripped Off By A Pitbull, And Her Transformation Is Absolutely…


A young model’s life was forever changed after a brutal pit bull attack left her disfigured, leading to a harrowing journey of reconstructive surgeries and personal growth.

22-year-old Brooklinn Khoury faced a vicious pit bull attack that left her with a disfigured face, costing over $400,000 in reconstructive surgeries. The resilient young woman from Mission Viejo, California, gained widespread attention after revealing her new appearance following the harrowing experience.

Before the life-altering attack, Brooklinn was a model and skateboarder who aspired to become a social media influencer. Despite the near-death experience, her unwavering faith kept her spirit alive and helped her move forward.

The brutal incident took place in 2020, leaving Brooklinn with devastating facial injuries that required her to spend months searching for the right surgeon. The Daily Mail quoted her describing the attack, where the pit bull shook her head like a toy, resulting in the loss of her entire upper lip and parts of her nose.


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A week after the attack, Brooklinn shared a video of the aftermath, expressing her confusion and fear about what the future held. She acknowledged that she couldn’t understand why this happened to her but held onto the belief that there was a greater plan in store.

Months after the attack, the courageous model opened up about the lessons she learned from her disfigurement. She spoke about self-love, society’s unrealistic beauty standards, and how the experience taught her patience in dealing with people’s reactions.

Brooklinn also shared her newfound appreciation for life and the importance of not taking it for granted. She expressed gratitude for the love and support she received throughout her recovery and encouraged others to cherish their loved ones.


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The announcement of her surgery in a YouTube video garnered massive attention, with Brooklinn expressing mixed feelings about the procedure. While excited about healing, she also felt sadness at putting her life on hold and facing the challenges of post-surgery recovery.

The model detailed the grueling process she would face, including a liquid diet, a feeding tube, and a five-day hospital stay after surgery. With a strong spirit, she asked for prayers to help her through this difficult time.

The costly $400,000 surgery involved intricate procedures, such as taking an artery from her arm to supply blood to the reconstructed skin around her mouth. Brooklinn explained that the artery would be connected to her lip to ensure proper blood flow for the new skin.


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Despite the extensive reconstruction, additional cosmetic surgeries would still be needed. Brooklinn also faced a heart-wrenching decision regarding the fate of the pit bull responsible for the attack. Although she initially left the decision to her family, animal control deemed it necessary to euthanize the dog due to the severity of the incident.

Brooklinn Khoury’s journey to recovery stands as a testament to her strength and determination. We can all be grateful that modern medicine has provided her with a chance to heal and rebuild her life.

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