He Walked In A Doctor’s Office With A NASTY Lump On His Chest, And What The Doctor Found Inside Is Absolutely….


A seemingly ordinary pimple transforms into an extraordinary spectacle, leaving viewers speechless as a renowned doctor tackles the mysterious growth.

“Dr. Pimple Popper,” a TLC show for those with a penchant for pus, follows Dr. Sandra Lee as she tackles pimples, cysts, and lumps on people’s bodies. However, one of her recent patients garnered a particularly strong reaction from viewers.

Victor, a 37-year-old American man, had been living with a growth on his chest for years. Initially dismissing it as a mere pimple, he popped it, believing the issue was resolved. To his dismay, the pimple kept growing until it resembled a bouncy ball embedded in his chest, earning the nickname “Larry the Lump.”

Upon examining Larry the Lump, Dr. Lee suspected it was a benign tumor and planned to simply remove it. As she carefully made an incision close to Victor’s heart and lungs, she discovered the growth was not a tumor, but a massive cyst.

When Dr. Lee began draining the cyst, a repulsive, dark gray or black gunk oozed out, shocking viewers. One Twitter user wrote, “I usually can watch Dr. Pimple Popper without a problem, but ‘Larry the Lump’ totally gagged me! When Dr. Lee squeezed the cyst, it looked like dog poop! Gross! I had to fast forward.” Many others shared similar reactions.

The sight of the black gunk emerging from Victor’s chest was unlike anything fans had seen before, and the image of dead skin cells on Dr. Lee’s table left many feeling queasy. Nonetheless, this stomach-churning display is precisely what draws viewers to the show.

With Larry the Lump removed, Dr. Lee stitched up Victor’s chest, leaving him relieved and grateful. Perhaps addressing the issue earlier could have spared Victor the embarrassment of having his unsightly secret exposed, but his story now stands as one of the most unforgettable episodes on the hit TLC show.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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