He Tried To Get A Selfie In A Moving Helicopter, It Ended Up Costing Him His…


A British tourist was dismembered by the blades of a helicopter after getting too close to the aircraft while the engines were still running in Greece.

Jack Fenton, 21, a student at Oxford Brookes University was reportedly taking a selfie by the aircraft Monday when he was hit by a helicopter’s rear rotor. The young man and three other British tourists,  including his sister, had rented the helicopter and were thought to have been returning from a holiday on the Greek island of Mykokos via Athens.

According to the news media outlets, Fenton quickly walked back from the reception area towards the helicopter, despite horrified onlookers yelling at him to stop. He was reportedly on his cellphone. The high-speed rotor blade then struck him in the head.

The pilot and fellow passengers of the helicopter witnessed the blade killing him, and the pilot is said to be “deeply traumatized” by the accident.

The private heliport on the outskirts of Athens was called in for assistance, but the man is believed to have been killed almost instantly by the blades.

According to reports, an investigation is now underway, Greek police are investigating pilots into how the passengers were allowed to disembark while the rotor blades were still spinning.

The police union’s president, Giorgos Kalliakmanis, told Greece’s MEGA TV station that the pilot might be charged with manslaughter if it is shown that he was at fault.

“These propellers run for about two minutes from the time he turns the engine off unless he presses a button which stops them at 50 seconds,” Kalliakmanis said.

“The helicopter door has no security, anyone who wants to open the door and get out. The preliminary investigation will look at whether the pilot informed them to get out when the propeller and engines stopped.”

Watch it here: Youtube/Today News

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