This Dad’s Reason For Pulling His Kid Out Of School Has Got Everyone Up In….


A dad in Texas removed his daughter from school one day, however, his reasoning for doing so caused controversy so huge that his picture went viral.

Jeff Pavlock, the father, went hunting and wanted his 12-year-old girl to come with him. That’s when he drove to her school and pulled the girl out of class. Instead of coming up with a false excuse, he told them the truth.

The father’s Facebook post about the incident included a photo of the sign-out sheet at the school’s office, which showed the reason he cited for taking his daughter out of school.

“It’s deer season,” he wrote on the sheet. “Headed to go put the smackdown on a monster buck.”

He captioned his Facebook post:

“When you check your 12 yr old daughter out of school early and everybody else writes down Dr appointments but you right down the truth…priorities. Ain’t nobody got time for school!!!!”​

Photo Credit: Jeff Pavlock/Facebook via KPRC

The father said that he was just having fun.

“I’m always in a good mood and I always want to make people smile,” he told KPRC-TV. “I would always post a bunch of funny stuff on Facebook. I kept telling everybody: ‘One day, I’m going to make it big.’”

“I put down: ‘Headed to go put the smack down on a monster buck,’” the father added. “That’s the way we do it here in Texas.”

He didn’t expect the note to go viral.

“I’ve got people from Canada and people messaging me from all over the United States, so I am just living in the moment and enjoying it. I just enjoy making people laugh. My wife is laughing. My whole family is laughing. We think it’s hilarious. I never thought in my life it would blow up on Facebook,” Pavlock wrote. The Facebook post was made about three weeks ago.

“She’s a hunting little bugger. She’s made about nine hunts with me so far. We are just waiting on the big one to come out of the woods,” Pavlock told the station.

Pavlock confirmed that he was able to take his daughter hunting that day. 

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