He Stole A Funeral Home Van And Took Off. Then It Got Weird…


This trending story might sound like a Family Guy episode, but this did indeed happen in real life.

On Thursday afternoon, a police chase took place after authorities say it was stolen from a crematory parking lot. A mortuary van with a body inside was involved in a chase with police in Conyers.

This man decided to do himself one better and steal a mortician’s van and lead authorities on a chase throughout interstate 20.

The suspect, Kijon Griffin, 23, of Atlanta, is accused of stealing the vehicle on August 25 while it was parked outside a crematory.

As the van drove away, the body which had been placed on a gurney rolled out of the open back hatch of the van and into the parking lot.

The Conyers Police Department said people came to retrieve the body after it came to a stop.

Capt. Lucas told Fox 5 News, “Unfortunately there was a body on the gurney inside and when the suspect did take off the gurney rolled out of the van, it did end up in the parking lot, at least, thankfully, it didn’t go out into the road.”

Officers pursued the stolen van onto Interstate 20 West, where DeKalb County authorities and Georgia State Patrol joined in.

Capt. Lucas said, “Our suspect did strike a couple of vehicles, ultimately he hit a trailer and blew a tire.”

Police noted that Griffin finally ditched the mortician van somewhere near the Wesley Chapel and he took off running.

Although there was a team effort from DeKalb County Police, DeKalb County K-9 Unit, GSP, and the Conyers Police Department in some nearby woods, they were unable to locate Griffin. However, on that following Thursday Griffin would himself into the officials at the Rockdale County Jail.

“My goodness, This guy isn’t even giving the dead any peace at all,” mortuary owner Stan Henderson said.

Watch it here: Fox5/Youtube

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