They Heard Biden Was Coming, The Welcome They Gave Him Is HILARIOUS!


Joe Biden’s presidency is like the Titanic, it’s destined to sink.

Despite the positive things he has been doing which I cannot name any… he has been criticized by almost every state or country he visits.

Just like what happened in Culpeper, Virginia, where Joe Biden arrived on Thursday and he received a rather cold welcome from local Republicans.

Star Exponent reported:

When they learned President Joe Biden would be visiting Culpeper on Thursday, Culpeper Republicans decided what they considered an affront would not go unanswered.

Culpeper Republican Committee member David Cissman said in a statement, “This is a Republican-leaning district, we’re very red here, when we saw in the Star-Exponent that Biden would be coming to town we immediately put the word out, besides us local folks, you’ll see people here from all over the state.”

Cissman said Republicans are unhappy about Biden’s policies at the nation’s southern border.

“He’s letting illegal immigrants in and flying them all over the country at taxpayer expense,” Cissman said. “These people are criminals and need to be vetted. Biden won’t even require them to be vaccinated to enter our country.”

This is what they wanted to tell Biden but his sole security team pushes them away to confront Joe Biden in public so they chose to make it happen this way for less-violent protest.

Biden has widely displayed his incompetent leadership, broken promises, and people are fed up.

And now, Biden is pushing the idea of lowering the costs for families including getting the government to pay for child care.

Biden said in his speech at Germanna Community College:

‘Inflation is up, It’s up. And coming from a family when the price of gas went up, you felt it in the household, you knew what it was like, it matters.”

“But the fact is that, if we’re able to do the things I’m talking about here, it’ll bring down the costs for average families.”

“You still have pay to for childcare, Child care is a cost for millions of families. You still have to pay your prescription drug prices. You still have to pay for health care. Do you want to lower the cost of living for people? Help them in those areas.”

 “if you’re making less than $400,000, you’re not paying a single penny more in taxes,” he added on his speech but it has been long debunked after a November 2021 analysis that the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found that while direct taxes might not go up, up to 30 percent of middle-income families would be paying more in taxes when all major provisions were taken into account.

No wonder AOC wore that gown says, ‘Tax The Rich’ was a very hypocritical statement.

Watch it here: Youtube/The White House

But remember, the more Biden spends, the more taxes we pay.

Sources: Western Journal, Star Exponent

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