He Refused To Give Up His Seat So A Family Could Sit Together, And His Reason Will….


A Reddit user shared how he refused to swap his seat with a family on a 10-hour flight to Greece. But the internet is impressed with this person and is praising him.

Folks online are impressed with a Reddit user who refused to swap seats with a family on a plane so they could sit together. Reddit user u/Unlikely-Strategy596 shared a story on the forum on September 3 asking people if it was insensitive of the user to not give up her seat. The post received 1,200 comments and 9,600 upvotes.

The passenger in the long post explained that the flight was hectic.

“The flight was roughly 10 hours and around this time of year it’s extremely hectic. I booked my ticket specifically to be closer to the front of the plane so I can be closer to the gate when it’s time to get out. I personally hate traveling so I spent a bit more money to be closer,” the user wrote.

The husband and two children were already in the front row, but the Reddit user refused to move so the mother could join the rest of her family. She responded by calling him an “a**hole,” they said.

“Maybe you should have booked ahead of time or spent more money on tickets so you all could sit together,” responded the traveller. “This is not my issue. Grow up and get over it. I am not moving seats. End of story!”

They added that the husband ended up apologizing for the wife’s behavior.

A majority of Reddit users on the thread ruled that Unlikely-Strategy596 was not the a**hole in this situation.

“If it was really about sitting together, why didn’t they ask the people 20 rows back if they’d like the better seats upfront? They’d still all be together,” pointed out one commenter.

“This is the solution the entitled families never offer,” wrote another user in response to that comment. Many people also jumped in to praise this plan.

Others defended the woman for asking, but not for her response afterward.

“It’s easier for 1 person to move rather than 3,” one user wrote. “Nothing wrong with asking, but they are definitely an a**hole for making a scene.”

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