He Cut His Mom Into Tons Of Pieces, What They Sentenced Him To Isn’t Nearly Enough!


On Monday, a judge sentenced a man from suburban Chicago to 6212 years in prison for the 2017 murder and dismemberment of his mother, whose partial remains were discovered in a lagoon.

Brian Peck, 60, was found guilty of first-degree murder, dismemberment of a human body, and concealment of a homicide death in February. He allegedly stomped on his mother’s head, according to authorities.

Peck’s murdering his mother was unsettling enough, but “listening to him testify how he sawed her into pieces, all with no emotion whatsoever,” stated Cook County Judge Joseph Cataldo.

According to the (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald, Cordaro described the crime as one of “irretrievable depravity.”

Gail Peck, a dog lover, theater goer, and breast cancer survivor, passed away on October 25, 2017. According to investigators, Brian Peck then placed some of her remains in plastic garbage bags and tossed them into Lake Michigan.

Prosecutors say Peck bought a luggage set and duffel bag the next day, then packed his mother’s torso, brick pavers, and a towel into a huge rolling suitcase. Other body parts, brick pavers, and the saw investigators believe he used to sever her limbs were stuffed into the duffel bag, which he then tossed into Chicago’s Lincoln Park Lagoon with the suitcase.

Gail Peck’s remains were discovered two days later after a fisherman hooked the duffel bag.

Gail Peck’s longtime pal Sherry Orrico asked in court Monday:

“How can you value your mother so cheaply? She did not get the honor she deserves because she is buried in pieces with parts of her still missing … Now I know evil is just evil. There’s nothing to understand.”

Peck had insisted he killed his mother in self-defense after she attacked him with a knife for repeatedly playing a Jimi Hendrix song.

He then “swept” his mother’s leg, sending her on the ground, before stomping on her and putting his foot to her throat, according to Peck. According to the newspaper, he then dismembered her body and dropped part of her pieces into Lake Michigan in waste bags.

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