He Complained About A Pain In His Gums, Then His Mom Grabbed A Pair Of Tweezers….


As anyone who has recently had dental work can tell you, pain in your gums has got to be the worst pain of all time..

A mother’s shocking discovery of her son’s nail-biting habit takes a painful turn as she extracts 32 fingernail pieces lodged in his gums, urging parents to address such habits early on.

Sara Guidry, a loving mother, couldn’t ignore her son Kale’s persistent complaints about an odd pain in his gums any longer. Gathering a flashlight, she asked Kale to open his mouth wide and carefully inspected his inflamed gums. To her horror, she discovered something lodged in the tender tissue – and it wasn’t normal. Armed with a pair of tweezers, she extracted a fingernail.

People often bite and pick at their nails for various reasons, be it stress, anxiety, or even a desire for perfection. While it may not cause problems in moderation, it can quickly turn into a harmful habit that’s difficult to break. Little Kale’s story is a testament to the challenges of overcoming such a habit.

Shocked by the fingernail she pulled from her son’s gums, Sara realized that her son’s nail-biting habit had taken a more severe turn than she initially thought. The bits of fingernails he’d bitten off were becoming lodged in his mouth, causing him immense pain.

Determined to spread awareness about the dangers of nail-biting, Sara shared her story on Facebook, detailing her experience: “I get a tweezer and pull it. It looked like a fingernail. I continued to pull 4 more out. I then search his mouth and find another area. I pulled around 27 out of the second spot. YES 27!” In total, she removed 32 fingernail fragments from Kale’s gums.

The reason behind so many nail pieces accumulating in the boy’s mouth was unusual, but their dentist provided an explanation. Kale had been biting his nails and then playing with them in his mouth, pushing them up towards his palate. The nails would penetrate the skin and become lodged in a pocket between his baby teeth and permanent teeth. The dentist strongly advised against letting children bite their nails.

Sara’s story sent shockwaves around the world, leaving parents astounded that a seemingly innocuous habit like nail-biting could lead to such excruciating pain. While there have been previous stories about the adverse effects of nail-biting – typically involving infections around the nail bed – Sara’s nightmare brought a renewed sense of urgency to the issue.

Her cautionary tale resonated deeply with parents, prompting over a quarter of a million shares and a hundred thousand comments from friends, followers, and concerned individuals.

Sara’s message is clear: Parents must address and curb their children’s nail-biting habits as early as possible to prevent them from experiencing the agony of having nail clippings embedded in their gums.


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