He Awoke From A Coma, And Immediately Said Something One Of His Friends Did…


It seems that we hear about a “miracle” every day, but this story appears to be the real thing. One teen was declared to be “brain dead,” and she was going to be taken off of life support. That’s when God stepped in and saved the day. You are going to love how this story turns out!

Back on September 17, 2011, a freak accident left the family of then-14-year-old Taylor Hale making funeral arrangements for the high-school cheerleader.

Taylor was at a friend’s house after the first Waukee High School football game. A friend was leaving, and Taylor and another friend teased him. They didn’t want to leave. They sat on the hood of his car to stop him. He backed up.

Taylor was carried slightly farther, then slipped off and hit the pavement – hard.

She didn’t get up again.

Someone called 911, and another person called Taylor’s mother, Stacy Henningsen.

Doctors and nurses fought to save Taylor’s life but at the end of a grueling session, Taylor’s brain sank partway into her spinal canal.

Taylor suffered a traumatic brain injury and spent a week in a medically induced coma to help her brain heal, but she suffered a brain hemorrhage and her brain “turned to mush.”

Doctors declared Taylor’s brain dead and took her off life support, but hours later she woke up!

Right before Taylor came out of the coma, a devout family friend visited her and prayed for her recovery. Jeff Stickel, a chiropractor, laid his hand on Taylor’s neck while praying with family.

Stacy and Chuck both thought he was too late – but Jeff persisted and asked if he could pray with the family. They agreed. He put his hands on her neck and prayed for God to heal Taylor.

The family thanked Stickel and he left.

Later that afternoon, doctors turned off the life support that had been helping her breathe since the accident. And then, something miraculous happened!

Taylor struggled to take a breath under her own power, and the hospital reconnected life support. As the day went on, Taylor’s brain activity began to increase. Her eyes fluttered, and she made mumbling noises, trying to talk.

And finally, Taylor Hale, considered brain dead by science, awoke from her coma.

“I think about it quite often,” Stacy said. “It’s definitely a miracle.”

Taylor graduated from High School without any further medical problems.

Sources: AWM, NBC News

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