Hallmark Channel Will Now Have Christmas-Themed Wines to Go With Their Movies


Well, apparently Hallmark is no longer just involved in the holiday movie and card business, but they are also branching out to producing holiday wines as well. In fact, Hallmark recently announced that they will be pre-selling two Christmas-themed wines. Thus, now might be a good time to grab your friends, get some of your tissues ready, pull up your favorite Hallmark holiday movie, and get some nice wine glasses. 

Considering that there is a broad cross-section of fans of Hallmark holiday movies, these festive wines are sure to be a hit with everyone! Individuals that are a big fan of these Hallmark holiday movies have their choice of two different types of wine: “Jingle”, which is known as a rich, full-bodied cabernet sauvignon from 2018 that also has a hint of holiday spices; and “Joy”, which is a special blend of ripe pineapple, tropical fruits, and white peaches that is joined together with a lovely sauvignon blanc, as reported by Country Living. 

Now, obviously, when it comes to Hallmark, these movies might be cheesy enough as it is. However, many wine enthusiasts would recommend that you pair your cabernet sauvignon with some aged cheddar or some goat cheese with the sauvignon blanc. 

Does all of this sound interesting? Well, wine lovers can heart, because these combinations can be purchased as a pack of 2, 4, 6, or even a case of 12. The next Christmas in July will definitely give you the option to pre-order them as well. 

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