Fox News Just Threw You All Under The Bus Again…


Fox News is no longer the news outlet we thought they were years ago. It’s slowly becoming a ‘WOKE’ outlet joining the entourage of Biden’s left-leaning media.

And now we just witnessed yet another stomach-turning event. An event part of Dems 2022 election propaganda to make Republicans look bad, but it turns out their old fashion stunts never works out anymore in the modern era.

Hopefully, you avoided the political theatre and are only hearing about it from me. Believe me, you probably need a stiff drink after seeing all the nonsense the Dems unleashed today.

It was so bizarre, that it looked like a coven of cloaked demonic witches standing on the cap steps chanting to Satan. And that god-awful candlelight vigil got to be the worst part of the day.

All these liberals are making the January 6 issue a political stunt, all they do was trash President Trump and his supporters. The entire day was designed to make a mockery of our country

Wayne Dupree argued in his commentary report:

“The thing that everyone needs to remember is that January 6 is not a top issue for the vast majority of Americans. It’s probably not even a top 20 issue for most Americans, so this pomp and circumstance was so insulting and narcissistic.

Americans are worried about the economy, mandates, COVID, and our national security, not if Nancy Pelosi got her laptop back.

This is why it was so infuriating when Ted Cruz validated all of this nonsense by calling January 6 a “terror attack.” I don’t know what he was thinking when he did that, but he really showed his true colors by peddling leftist talking points.

No Republicans or sane people should have joined in with this Democrat circus in any way, shape, or form.

But that’s precisely what Fox News did… Big shock, right? Fox LOVES quietly pushing the left’s agenda.”

A prominent anchor of Newsmax pointed it out in a tweet, here’s what Greg said:

What the hell is up with ⁦@FoxNews? AGAIN with the Woke CRAP. Check out the Words at the bottom of the TV. “The Nation Marks one year since January 6th” ????? It’s not “the nation”–it’s SHAMEFUL DEMOCRATS who are HYPING THE HELL OUT OF IT.”

This event is complete hogwash, the “NATION” isn’t marking “one year. My God, it was a 2-hour event, hardly a riot, since most people were invited into the Capitol, and the only death was an unarmed Trump supporter who was murdered by the Capitol Police.

Well, if you really want to make some events, why don’t we look at the Summer of Love? Let’s compare, shall we?


Wayne Dupree concluded:

Now THAT is something that the country actually cared about because it was American homes and businesses that were being destroyed, not Chuck Schumer’s stupid fax machine.

It’s just so typical of Fox News to pull something like that. They just can’t be loyal to their viewers and avoid pushing the left’s agenda.

I know a lot of you still support Fox News, but I’d urge you to always remember that they are not our friends.

They have some good people who fight for us, but Fox News Corp. is not an ally.

Source: WayneDupree

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