Democrats FORCING Grocery Store Chains To Remove Patriotic Merchandise!


Two grocery store chains are under fire after bowing to the ‘woke’ mob.

Harris Teeter and Kroger are facing backlash for a decision to remove patriotic products after bowing to a few leftists.

The products, including shirts and can sleeves, featured patriotic and pro-Second Amendment slogans. All the items were made in America.

Because a few woke, fragile snowflakes complained, the cowardly executives insulted millions of customers by taking these items off the shelves.

Here’s what the Daily Caller reported:

Kroger and Harris Teeter bent the knee after a whiny complaint on Twitter.

The two popular grocery store chains were asked by a woman with barely more than 4,000 followers on Twitter why they were selling pro-America can koozies featuring guns and celebrating freedom, and were asked to “please remove them.”

Instead of telling the woman to get lost and stop complaining about such a minor situation, Harris Teeter and its parent company Kroger bent the knee and immediately vowed to stop stealing the koozies!

Both supermarket chains responded with their capitulation so quickly that it pleasantly surprised Christy Clark.

While Clark and many of her fellow liberals celebrated the move, both supermarkets received a heaping helping of criticism from pro-Second Amendment Americans.

Fox Business explained further:

“Are you serious? This is a stupid response. Not shopping at Kroger anymore for being anti-American,” one Twitter user said.

“Ban assault coozies!” another user responded.

“102 people die per day in traffic fatalities. Can you also please make sure no coozies depict cars? Thanks in advance,” a customer said in another tweet.

“3000 people die every year from food-borne diseases in the US. Please remove all your food items as well,” another account said.

Users online reminded these companies that when you “go woke,” you often “go broke.” However, companies continue to cave to a shockingly small number of “woke” leftists.

Meanwhile, they ignore the millions of patriotic Americans. Americans, mind you, who spend plenty of money at their stores.

Sources: WLT,  Daily Caller, Fox Business

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