Democrats Caught In Another Massive Sick Hoax!


Virginia Democrats have been caught red-handed again.

Five people dressed in the uniform of Charlottesville white supremacists—white button-downs, khakis, and tiki torches—stood by the campaign bus of a candidate for Virginia governor Friday for a photo-op.

The Lincoln Project has claimed responsibility for staging the fake white supremacists with tiki torches outside Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus.

A reporter on the scene in Charlottesville said they chanted, “We’re all in for Glenn,” referring to Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. They were not, however, attendees of the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally or even real Youngkin supporters.

On Oct 29, 2021, they have issued a statement accepting the blame that photos went viral on social media tagged as ‘members of the Virginia Democrats.’

The anti-Trump organization the Lincoln Project became the subject of intense criticism after it coordinated a hoax show of support by ostensible white nationalists for Republican Virginia gubernatorial frontrunner Glenn Youngkin.

Several men photographed wearing khakis, white button-up shirts, baseball caps, and holding tiki torches solely purposed to pull up a sneaky hoax because Joe Biden’s incompetence has been turning into a referendum.

Ben Shapiro was so quick to tweet that reads, “VA Democrats are so racist that they think black Americans will fall for this obvious stupidity, as the group was first spotted outside Youngkin’s election campaign event at a Mexican restaurant.”

Even a liberal reporter like Elizabeth Holmes has tapped out saying, “these men approached @GlennYoungkin’s bus as it pulled up saying what sounded like, ‘We’re all in for Glenn.’ Here they are standing in front of the bus as his campaign event at Guadalajara started.” They were chanting, “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

With this, millions of Twitter users have been reacting to this hoax setup.

Jack Posobiec, a legit White House insider has posted this tweet related to the issue.

Brent Scher also expressed his thought about the hoax saying, “I do not think it’s out of realm of possibility that Lincoln Project is taking blame, because they have no shame and their reputation really can’t get any worse.”

Even this post from Ted Cruz describes it all.

Source: Deep State Rabbit Hole

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