This Thug Talked Trash To The National Guard. What Happened Next Is Pure Karma!


A Minnesota man just got a big, big surprise when he verbally abused a group of National Guardsmen.

A group of National Guardsmen is in Minneapolis right now due to rioting over the death of Daunte Wright, who was shot and killed during a traffic stop.

A female officer accidentally shot  Mr. Wright with her gun (but meant to use her taser) after he resisted arrest, got away from cops, and lunged into his car.

Mr. Wright drove away and died in his car. The officer who shot and killed him has been charged with 2nd Degree Manslaughter.

Looting, riots, and protests sparked all over the city after the incident, which is already reeling as they wait for the veridic in the Derk Chauvin trial – the officer who is accused of killing George Floyd.

Things got so heated with the Daunte Wright riots, that the governor had to call up the national guard.

Clearly, not everyone is happy to see the Gaurd….especially this one man – who got in their faces and verbally abused them…but he got a surprise…something he didn’t see coming.

A man, just off camera range saw what was happening and stepped in.

The man told the verbal abuser “these guys can’t do anything to you, but I can…”

You can watch the video below (warning language):

That man is a hero for stepping in the way he did.

So often we see all these video clips of people just standing there and doing nothing. They’re afraid to get involved, and I can understand that, but it’s really sad to see.

Watch it here: Alpha News/Twitter

Sources: WayneDupree

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