Crazy Chuck Schumer Tweeted About The Oscars And Got TOTALLY ROASTED For It!


Our politicians are so fake and phony they don’t even know how to watch TV and drink a beverage like a normal human being.

These elitist politicians are so so unnatural and weird-looking, trying hard to get public approval – whenever they try and do something “normal” they look like Martians from Mars. And that’s exactly what happened to weirdo Chuck Schumer when he posted this totally bizarre pic of himself supposedly just casually watching the Oscars.

First off, who sits in a wooden/uncomfy chair like that to watch a 12-hour awards show? I’ll tell you who – nobody. And look at the way he’s holding that beer – it’s as if he’s never held a bottle of anything in his crooked, smug hands, ever.

Are there some beers that are made out of beef and pork that nobody’s told me about? “plant-based” beer, huh? Of course, Dems are trying to cover for clueless Schumer by saying he was “trolling” Republicans with that remark.

No, he wasn’t.

But even if he was, how dumb, because the Dems are so stupid and crazy, nobody can tell if they’re joking or not.

Way to “own” the Republicans, guys.

And why the hell is he thanking Joe Biden for watching the Oscars?

Is Bumbling Joe producing the awards show now? He can’t even get himself dressed in the morning, but now he’s responsible for the most low-rated, narcissistic awards shows on the planet?

Okay, good to know.

Here’s what Chuck said in his strange message: “Excited to be watching the Oscars with an ice-cold plant-based beer. Thanks Joe Biden.”

Needless to say, Chuck took some much-deserved heat online for the tweet and photo:

“Wait… there’s meat-based beer that we’ve all been missing out on???”

“Very cool and not staged, Senator!”

“Bro, ALL beer is plant-based. Has been for centuries. You, however, have a beer gut. That’s preventable.”

“Are you ok?”

“You’re a creepo”

“Can you tell us where we can find meat-based beer”

“Why aren’t you using a bicycle to generate the electricity to power your TV? I’m reporting you to @aoc and@GretaThunberg. You are raping Mother Earth”

“Old Chuck thinks he’s “owning” the Republicans here, but he’s really just making himself look like an idiot! ”

“Can you imagine all the ignorant woke Dems looking at the label on their 12 pack to determine if it’s plant based?”

And of course, the memes have been flooding the internet. This one seems most fitting for an elderly Democrat:

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