COME ON! Woke MLB Teams Exposing Children To Sick Drag Shows!


While some corporations are busy with Pride Month, in Milwaukee, the Brewers baseball team is also hosting their own version of Pride Night next Wednesday at their ballpark, a place whose name has taken on a new irony: American Family Field.

Yes, you read it right, Milwaukee Brewers will feature men who want to be women in a “pre-game drag show.”

Here’s what the official Milwaukee Brewers account tweeted on Wednesday:

“Celebrate our local LGBTQ+ community with special appearances, local entertainment & photo ops!” 

The event will include at least four drag queens. Drag queens Dora Diamond, Beth Anne Bodyworks, Dita Von, and Marbella are slated to compete in “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in a beer garden during the “Pride Night” festivities.

A “Brewers Pride” backpack will be offered to the attendees of the event.

Back in 2018 when the Milwaukee Brewers held their first LGBT pride night. At the time, the Brewers’ chief operating officer Rick Schlesinger claimed public demand prompted the team to work on “inclusivity.”

Here’s what Schlesinger told Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

“The schedule for our theme nights has expanded to at least 16 events this season, and we are excited that Pride Night is one of the new additions. The inclusion of Pride Night is a result of fan feedback and our ongoing work with and support of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Similar events have been very successful in other Major League markets, and we know that this will be a very entertaining night at Miller Park.”

Sources: Thegatewaypundit, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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