COME ON! D.C. Comics Is Now Making The Joker Pregnant With A Child?


A new issue of DC Comics featuring a “pregnant” Joker giving birth to a son was released on Tuesday.

The fourth book in the series, “The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing,” included the plot as a backup feature. As the on, a mud monster who Joker vomits into existence transforms into a smaller carbon copy of the Joker reminiscent of an Austin Powers-Esque Mini-Me trope.

The female magician Zatanna an adversary who the Joker developed feelings for appears to have “pregnated” him. As she knocks the Joker into a puddle of mud, she curses him and says that nobody else could take his baby. Zatanna inadvertently “impregnated” the Joker, although Zatanna cast the magic to prevent the Joker from having children.

However, the backup storyline was not disclosed in the comic’s summary on DC’s website:

“Why did The Joker cross town? To get to the bottom of the mystery that has been haunting him: Who is the man pretending to be The Joker and what does he want? But every lead he follows is a dead end, and every move he makes brings the Red Hood one step closer to him. What happens when the former Clown Prince of Crime comes face-to-face with the current crime boss of Gotham? Everyone is dying to find out.”

Matthew Rosenberg, whose bylines span 72 different DC Comics titles, wrote the comic.

Theresa Campagna, the critic, remarked that the Joker has never been a figure who is fixated on pursuing women. Rosenberg must have been under the influence of marijuana, Campagna reasoned. As the current issue was “probably the worst story” they had ever read, according to the comic book review website Batman News, and not just because of the Joker impregnation scene.

Campagna said, “This is one of those comics you can’t really review, because there’s no real story or artistic vision to pick apart. Writing aside, however, there have been a lot of these little moments or stories at DC lately that make me go, ‘How the heck did DC editorial give that a green light?’”

Despite a steep, steady decline in sales, DC has incorporated a social justice spin on its classic characters over the past few years, progressing these narratives.

Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent, was revealed to be bisexual in “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” one of the “woke” comics that flopped more recently. Superman was later given a makeover with a rainbow Pride Flag cape by DC Comics and included in their “DC Pride” anthology.

The series quickly dropped out of top ratings within a month, after initial interest from fans.

However, DC Comics used its books to address other current social justice concerns before focusing on LGBTQ+ themes. In response to former President Donald Trump’s declaration that he would end former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, DC published a comic in 2017. In the comic, Superman is shown saving a gang of undocumented immigrants from a white man brandishing a machine gun and wearing an American flag bandana. The attacker was enraged because the group had taken his jobs.

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