Congresstional BLACK CAUCUS Introduces Bill To TAX PEOPLE For Ancestors Being WHITE Slave owners…


Democrats in the Black Caucus are at it again, renewing their efforts to tax people for reparations for slavery.

This is what’s wrong with the world right now, the attitude that we’re owed something. I’m sorry but white people don’t owe you anything just because their ancestors may or may not have enslaved your ancestors.

Specifically, Michigan Rep. John Conyers and his fellow CBC members have “re-introduced legislation that would set up a commission to consider whether reparations should be paid to black Americans for slavery,” according to the Washington Examiner.

My first point is, there were white people back then who knew it was wrong to own a slave, they believed in equality for all people. Get a history lesson, they were called Quakers.

My second point is, most white Americans living today descend from immigrants who arrived long after abolition. So why would they have to pay for something they had absolutely nothing to do with?

Conyers has introduced this bill EVERY YEAR for the last two decades! I think he’s a little bitter. This race baiting needs to stop! Yes there are still crappy people out there who are racist, but it isn’t just blacks who deal with it. It’s white’s too, it’s Mexican’s….every race gets a taste of it. There are sexist people still around too. There is persecution for being a certain religion, like Christian.

None of this means that we’re owed something. You want the world to be better? Start in your own home. Stop trying to drive out hate with hate. Then and only then will we begin to move in a positive direction.


8 thoughts on “Congresstional BLACK CAUCUS Introduces Bill To TAX PEOPLE For Ancestors Being WHITE Slave owners…

  1. Sooooo…. Would the ancestors of Blacks who owned slaves also have to pay reparations? Or is it just white people and blacks are exempt?

  2. Negros…………please.
    Your ancestors were offered and some accepted a free return trip to your home land of Africa. The country Liberia just for the slave population, now if your ancestors didn’t want to return to your African home land how is that white folks fault?

  3. If you read Uncle Tom’s Cabin you would know who should pay the retribution you seek. It was the Southern Democrat’s!! The Republicans thought it was an atrocity!! For my part, my ancestors all come from the England, Ireland and Scotland AND fought on the side of the North to free the blacks. SO why should I have to pay?? I’m not a racist and never will be, but I have the right to not like the behavior of people, red and yellow, black or white!!!!!! As do the majority of people you seek to punish who have no idea what happened more than 100 years ago!!!

  4. The people that should be sued are the Arabs who burned their villages, killed their relatives and enslaved the survives to sell to the slave traders who transported them to the America’s. The were all Muslims. Yet the Black Americans for years rejected the religion and names of their slave holders for the religion and names of those that enslaved them. White people ( Europeans ) did not attack villages to capture slaves. It was the Muslim Arabs and converted Africans who did so. It is against the Koran for one Muslim to enslave another. None of those sold into slavery ancestors were Muslim., but those wanting to get back to their African Roots take Muslim names. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it.

  5. You pathetic idiots ! This is what you do with your time while in congress ? What about the people that you are supposed to represent ? You can’t even get your historical fact’s right. just more embarrassment for blacks.

  6. Black people had black slaves as well. Two of my friends who did research on their own family found this out. They NO longer play the race card.

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