Illegal Immigrant CAUGHT Buying Grenade Launcher in South Texas!

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An illegal immigrant was caught in a sting operation buying a grenade launcher and 3 AK-47’s.


This article goes to prove two points… Number one: Gun control is an idiotic political position. Criminals don’t care about laws, they will still buy guns illegally. You are only disarming law abiding citizens and keeping them from being able to protect themselves.

Okay now that, that obvious point is out of the way, Number two: Illegal immigrants need to be deported to protect American citizens. With proper vetting and immigrants made to enter our country legally, America will be a lot safer. Criminal immigrants won’t come here to hide from their own countries.


From Breitbart:

Agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive arrested 31-year-old Oscar Fredy Garcia last week near Los Fresnos, Texas, during the failed purchase of an M-203 grenade launcher, court records revealed. Garcia is listed as an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

The case began on February 6 when Garcia met with an undercover ATF agent to purchase the grenade launcher and three AK-47 rifles at a price of $5,000. During the meeting, Garcia gave the undercover agent $300 as a down payment. Another ATF agent wrote in the criminal complaint that Garcia revealed he was purchasing the weapons for a man named Oscar Garcia Mendez. It remains unclear if Garcia Mendez has been arrested in connection with the case.

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Below are the court documents in the case:

Liberals need to start using common sense and realize that proper vetting and upholding our laws is necessary to keep criminals like this away from our country. Share this story if you agree!

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