Bill Gates Is Now Trying To Stop People From Using Their Air Conditioning!


Bill Gates believes that air conditioning is a thing of the past, amidst the record-breaking heat wave, Gates wants us to stop using A/C in the name of “climate change.” 

The forecast is showing nothing but sun and highs of 88 through the weekend. But chances are that, as you read this article, you are sitting in a climate that’s considerably cooler than that.

We know air conditioning is a lifesaver for those of us in South Florida, but Gates says we should stop using it because its environmental impact is not so cool.

Recently, a company startup Blue Frontier gets over $20 million worth of investment from Bill Gates who promise to improve air conditioning as we know it.

Dr. Daniel Betts, CEO of Blue Frontier, said in a statement:

“We are delighted to receive the support of some of the highest-profile cleantech funds who share our vision of driving decarbonization both in the power grid and beyond – into the buildings where we live and work. Our partnership with these sustainable investors enables the immense global environmental impact of our technology – to bring affordable, efficient, sustainable air conditioning with low-cost energy storage to buildings around the world – and to reduce the cost to utilities of supplying carbon-free electricity for cooling.”

More details of this story from ‘CNBC’ report:

Air conditioning has the potential to keep people cool as climate change keeps making the planet hotter. At the same time, conventional air conditioning technology uses a lot of energy, meaning it’s contributing to climate change — and will have a bigger effect as more people need air conditioners to stay comfortable or even survive.

Currently, air conditioning is responsible for nearly 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to an analysis by scientists from the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center released in March. Those emissions are expected to get worse as more people install air conditioners, especially in India, China, and Indonesia, according to a joint statement from the NREL and Xerox PARC.

Conventional air conditioner technology uses a vapor compression cycle to cool the air. In that system, refrigerant is used to do the cooling.

Chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons used to be part of the most common refrigerants in air conditioners, but those chemicals deplete the ozone layer and they’re being phased out. There are a couple dozen alternatives that don’t harm the ozone layer, but they still have a high global warming potential.

That’s the goal of Blue Frontier. The startup is working on technology that will make air conditioning more efficient with fewer harmful environmental by-products, and just scored a $20 million round led by Bill Gates investment fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

‘The Register’ dropped these details:

A fund founded by Bill Gates is leading a $20 million investment round into an aircon startup which promises to slash the carbon impact of keeping people cool on a heating planet.

The cash is designed to get to market aircon units from Blue Frontier, which bases its approach on removing moisture from the air and doing the most work when electricity is cheap and more likely green at source. The company claims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from aircon by 85 per cent.

Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures is joined by 2150 Urban Tech Sustainability Fund and VoLo Earth Ventures in investing in Modern Niagara, the commercialization partner backing Blue Frontier in the hopes of bringing the technology to market.

The problems of aircon in terms of climate change are two-fold. Not only is the electricity needed for air cooling a major source of carbon emissions – as much as 4 percent according to some measures – as carbon emissions warm the planet, but at the same time, more people also require aircon and installed aircon is worked harder, more often.

Now, we all could benefit from saving money on our electric bills in the summer but the questionable part about the new venture is whether Gates is really investing in the company due to “climate change” or whether he sees this as an opportunity to invest in a product which could lead to the air conditioning in your house being regulated or outlawed, WLT commented.

While the elite use air conditioning on their private jets and in bungalows on their private islands, they are now going to push overpriced air conditioning units on you in order to “save” the environment.

Sources: WLT, CNBC, Register

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