There’s Something Stunning About COVID Patients In Australian Hospitals…


When you thought these vaccines are lifesavers… Well, you need to think again after reading this article.

Our Governments have been enforcing vaccinations and COVID testing ever since Biden’s mandates have been superb.

And more and more evidence proves that these vaccines’ effectiveness is surely questionable.

But have you noticed what is the real science behind that? Well, Dr. Fauci kept on making all of us believe the vaccines will save us from the virus and if you try to argue with him about it, he will call you a ‘moron.’

Now look at this state in Australia, in New South Wales (NSW) who is now struggling with high numbers of hospitalized COVID patients and these high numbers are among the vaccinated. Wait, what?

Their COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit’s website confirms that 68.9% of COVID patients in hospitals are double-vaxxed, and 28.8% of patients are completely unvaccinated.

These numbers are a big slap to these Liberals who think vaccines are a good idea for heavy enforcement.

But then, NSW Health spokesperson still stands and released a statement that reads, “continue to encourage everyone who has not yet done so to get vaccinated and anyone who is now eligible for their booster dose to get it without delay. The COVID-19 vaccines available in Australia are safe and very effective at reducing the risk of serious illness and death.”

But these numbers from their CIU agency surely debunk his statements.

This Plandemic has been such a very vile money-making scheme, Trump already said this long ago…

What do you think about these vaccines?

Source: 100% FedUp

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