Biden Planning Another MASSIVE SPENDING SPREE With Your Money!


Want to tell you all about a pretty big purchase I made a couple of years ago. The missus and I bought one of those vans that on the outside looks like just a big passenger van but on the inside is a camper that uses about the same gas mileage as a regular van.

I went to the dealer and looked and looked, and finally found the one that was going to fit our needs. We take her out about once every couple of weeks to different places that we want to see. Once, we went to visit my sister across the country just because we could and would be able to stop pretty much anywhere we needed to. Oh, it was great. Now, you might be wondering one thing. Why does any of this matter?

It matters because of the way that I bought it. On a trip to a casino, my wife and I won a pretty good amount on a slot machine and it tipped over the amount that we were using to buy a camper anyway. I am mentioning it because I didn’t use anyone else’s money but my own. NOW, if I had bought this thing using a credit card I found on the ground than there would be some people that would have the right to be pretty damned upset. Joe Biden has picked a credit card up off the ground.

Joe Biden’s team is preparing another $3 trillion dollar spending bill chock full of liberal wish list items.

The bill includes spending for infrastructure, new regulation on carbon emissions, universal pre-kindergarten, free community college, and an effort to “reduce inequality.”

The debt is going, up very quickly during the Biden dictatorship.

The price of gasoline after the canceling of the Keystone Pipeline and taking government lands from drilling has risen a dollar a gallon in just 2 months.

Universal pre kindergarten? Do we really need to send four-year-olds to school or is this really just universal daycare?

The new regulation on emissions will raise the price of nearly everything but won’t cut emissions in a noticeable manner. But there is a good reason for spending all of that money.

Green companies are, owned by Democratic donors.

They can’t make any money on green energy but there is a fortune in government subsidies.

The Times reportedAdministration officials caution that details of the spending programs remain in flux. But the scope of the proposal under consideration highlights the aggressive approach the Biden administration wants to take as it tries to harness the power of the federal government to narrow economic inequality, reduce the carbon emissions that drive climate change and improve American manufacturing and high-technology industries in an escalating battle with China and other foreign competitors.

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