AYFKM?!? We Warned You Not To Trust Lindsey Graham!


Baish’s Opinion| Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who also chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, sat down with Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday evening to talk about the continued Spygate scandal.

The Gateway Pundit reports, “It is not clear that President Obama used his administration and all of the power of the US government to spy on candidate Trump and then his Transition Team during  and after the 2016 election. Since Graham took over the Judiciary committee he has held NO HEARINGS to get to the bottom of thee spygate scandal! During the interview Lindsey Graham said Mueller is ‘well respected’ and his report ‘is the final word for me.’”

Graham stated, “The Mueller Report is the final word on Trump and all things Russia, not Nadler… Mueller is the final word for me. Everything the House is doing is politically motivated. And I think most Americans are ready to move on. To my Democratic colleagues in the House if you bring up impeachment after Mueller issued his report, based on the Mueller Report, then it’s going to blow up in your face. You’re hurting the country. You’re unfair to the president and he’s going to get reelected.”

It has been reported that House Republicans are extremely unhappy with the Senate Judiciary Chairman’s “showboating” since he took the chairman role from Senator Grassley.

Via the Gateway Pundit:

According to Paul Sperry, Grassley was serious about getting to the bottom of Spygate when he was Chairman but Senator Graham (R-SC) is putting on a “charade” on Fox News for South Carolina voters and “not doing a f*cking thing,” according to investigative reporter.

From Justice with Judge Jeanine:

During the segment, Graham also spoke about the idea of impeachment.

The Republican Senator feels that the movement for Trump’s impeachment from Congressional Democrats, will only mean his re-election.

“To my Democratic colleagues in the House, if you bring impeachment after [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller issued his report … then it’s going to blow up in your face,” Graham explained to Pirro.

“You’re being unfair to the president and he’s going to get re-elected,” he continued.

Fox News reported:

Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC., questions Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

When asked about escalating tensions with Iran, Graham praised Trump for pulling out of the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal and for applying sanctions against the country.

He urged the president to stand tough and not let Iran flex its muscle over the Strait of Hormuz, an international shipping gateway between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The waterway separates Iran and the United Arab Emirates and is 21 miles across at its narrowest point.

The strait is critical to the oil industry, with it being used to ship more than 22 million barrels of oil and products per day in the first half of 2018.

“To President Trump, do not let them take over the Strait of Hormuz,” Graham said. “Keep the pressure on and if they continue to do this, sink their navy like Ronald Reagan did back in the ’80s.”

35 thoughts on “AYFKM?!? We Warned You Not To Trust Lindsey Graham!

    1. Lindsay is sold out to George Soros, as are most of the insane liberal demotard tyrunts…not too many, if any, politicians/people that you CAN trust. Our Pledge of Allegiance WILL separate the flyshit from the pepper…own it!

      1. The problem is that Lindsey Graham is a RINO like his amour No Name (McCain). My guess is that he’s even waiting for his chance for revenge for No Name after the election. He already did what he could by voting against the president in the sale of armaments to Saudi Arabia. He already said he didn’t know why Mueller didn’t indict Trump for obstruction in the “investigation” / one sided witch hunt.

        Graham gets elected by acting like he’s a conservative. Then with a 6 year term, he has 4 years to be his true commie self.

    2. He was our Senator when we were living in SC! Didn’t trust him then and don’t trust him now!! A real backstabber!!

  1. He has declared the investigation, into the question of whether Mr. Trump and team colluded with the Rooskies to screw Her Thighness, settled by the Mueller and three previous judgments on that issue. But that is a FAR cry from saying that an investigation into who ACTUALLY colluded with the Rooskies, FBI, CIA, IRS, and the DNC to scuttle Mr. T’s candidacy, then Presidency, is unwarranted. Watch what the IG Report, due any day now, turns up in point. Then, watch what Bull Durham’s search reveals. Be prepared to be impressed, infuriated, and then satisfied that the right folks are frog-marching in Slammer Orange jumpsuits. MAGA!

  2. Simple right or wrong cannot be used here because the media won’t let that process work. There is no way to judge how much political bias is used in investigations especially by a special counsel that hires 14 solid political hacks with the biggest hack who has had every conviction against the right overturned while those he convicted spent years in jail. What person right or left would go to jail from a political bias prosecutor and come out and then see that Democrat’s are using the same liar to go after President Trump for what President Obama and Hilary did and now over two years and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ every day more pieces of there corruption comes out and media still is corrupting the system. The damage is done and ironically Obama’s presidential library which he can’t get funding for after trying to evict his neighbors out of Chicago so he could build 2000 amonth condo’s aroumd his lie-brary failed. NO LIES FOR PRESIDENTIAL LIE-BRARY SHOULD EVER BE BUILT WHEN PRESIDENT IS IN JAIL FOR BEING A TRAITOR AND A ALLY WITH IRAN AND ALA!

    1. For sure. Obama is a foreign agent who should be convicted in a court of law and hanged for this. Those enabling him should be hanged for treason.

  3. No justice in America until Hillary ( last time that I’m using her first name ) gets perp

    1. U R correct, the witch needs to pay. Read an article that DT is bought and paid for by BiBi Netanyahu, and S-I-L? There can be no peace for Patriots until she walk the plank. There is one person letting her skate, and you know who that is. Oh yeah, throw in Georgieboy S. to walk the plank too. Unfortunately, if the 2 of them don’t pay, many Patriots may sit home next election? We’ve had enough of cheap talk. FISA, 911, JFK, False Flag school shooting(s) ring a bell too?

    2. The whore should be tied to the back of a pickup and draged over town just like she had Ambassador Stephens was. Lets not forget all the other deaths she is responsible for.

  4. Benedict Arnold was also ‘well respected’. Until he betrayed his country. The Müeller inquisition did the same thing.

  5. John McCain was in with the democratics, Lindsey does not want his memory tarnished. McCain was meeting and having dinner with Soros, there are plenty of pictures of him.

    PRACTICES AND DECISIONS THEY MADE, now, Yes NOW. Evidence is overwhelming, so charge them, try them and dispose of them any way. roberto

    1. Who do you think is slow-walking those prosecutions along with HC, 911, Fake School shoots, Chemtrail poisoning our skies, pushing 5G brain-cooking frequency waves, JFK truth? I’ve been drinking the coolade too long and want action now.

    PRACTICES AND DECISIONS THEY MADE, now, Yes NOW. Evidence is overwhelming, so charge them, try them and dispose of them any way. You no longer can do anything to McCain. roberto

  8. I was proud of Lindsey, but now with saying we need to move on and his thoughts on gun control, I’m very disappointed in him. I truly thought he was changing and seeing what the needs of the people wanted, but now…I’m not so sure.

    1. Likewise, thought LG might be becoming to understand the horrible damage Barry Soetoro Parks did to the USA? WRONG. LG is like the rest of the 535 Israel-first declarants, and We The People mean nothing, except at election time. LG’s puppeteers, the Worldly Leaders are working to collapse the Dollar and US they can impose the One World Government without a shot being fired to defend the US. If they cared about lives they would stop over 1 MILLION abortion killings of babies via abortion every year. One World govt replacing the clowns in power here now, but the people running that dictatorship has a depopulation agenda to eliminate 6 Billion people worldwide. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  9. I have always said Lindsey Graham should not be trusted. He was too close with McStain! I remember watching this interview and when he said that Muellers report was the end and we need to move on!! No Lindsay we need to investigate who the deep state players are! Could it be you fear they’ll find you out??

  10. Unless I misunderstand what Graham said; he was stating the Mueller’s report is the final word on WHETHER TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA (HE DIDN’T), and that we need to ‘move on’ as far as the collusion investigation goes. Lindsay Graham did NOT say to ignore the web of crimes that were spawned by Obama, Clinton et.al. which led to the falsely predicated investigation of a political campaign.
    From interviews by Lindsay Graham that I have seen, he is eager to get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s email server, pay for play, and obstruction of justice crimes; and of the weaponized intelligence and justice departments under Obama. I have seen Graham waffle on immigration, as have Rubio and some others; but it seems that Trump helped them get some backbone and they have changed their tune somewhat. They had been mislead by the MSM and phony polling that The People were accepting of amnesty, and special interests wanted amnesty, so they waffled in order to protect their jobs. Hopefully Graham, Rubio, and others have learned better. Presently, I like what Graham has been doing/saying in regards to the actual CRIMINAL investigation of the vast sea of corruption that was called the Obama Adminstration.

  11. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal Muslim pedophilia demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  12. I am admittedly cautious about Grahams, newly discovered (since the death of McCain), Conservative values. However I find no fault in what he said, nor with what he didn’t say. The Mueller Report should have ended all speculation with respect to the President, his campaign and Russia. The obstruction delusion is simply ridiculous!
    His observations of the egregious Impeach movement is shared with many,including the very few intelligent Democrat members of Congress.
    The fact that he made no mention to any “hearings”, I also agree with. People, myself included, are very tired of hearing of investigation after investigation. IE: we are tired of hearing about the Labor Pains, we need to see the Baby! That, of course, assumes he actually is intending to pursue the origins and participatants of the attempted Soft Coup! While it is certainly wise not to expose your strategy to your opponent, but it is critical that you do have one! Therein lies my concerns!

    1. The problem is that he’s not interested in getting into an investigation into the DemonicRats. Now he’s in a better position to stop it.

      https:// www. youtube. com/watch?v=L7u0y-iU82w
      GOP Senators McCain and Lindsey Graham foment war with Russia! Dec 2016

      Graham is also for gun control and amnesty.
      https:// dailycaller .com/section/Opinion
      OPINION: Lindsey Graham Is Aiming To Turn The GOP Into The Party Of Gun Control

      https:// newspunch. com/mccain-posing-al-qaeda-isis/
      Hypocrite McCain Caught Posing With Al Qaeda And ISIS
      February 14, 2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US
      McCain calls Russian President Putin a “thug” and “murderer” every chance he gets, but the photos below of Senator McCain with ISIS and Al Qaeda “elements” reveal the real “thug” and “murderer.”

      A picture is a worth a thousand words, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe famously noted…

      Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.

      1. Senator McCain meeting with a few ISIS and Al Qaeda associates…
      2. Senator McCain sharing a “Kodak moment” with ISIS leader Al Baghdadi…
      3. Senator John McCain is joined by Senator Lindsey Graham, for this photo-op with a Bin Laden associate… (L. Graham and Blumenthal are also in picture)

  13. “Grahamcrackers” is posturing for bigger things. (as in 2024) He is a fraud. He is an “establishment” man hiding behind an “R” badge. Any TRUE conservative would be going after those guilty of crimes. He is doing nothing more than “playing both ends against the middle.” He, on the one hand, plays tough for our president……..but on the other hand, will not lift a finger to bring justice to some who have already been PROVEN to have committed crimes. THAT, my friends, is the way “movers and shakers” slither their way up the ladder. BEWARE.

  14. I don’t know what to think of him either…he was way to close to mccain whom I did not like. He was a traitor.

  15. The problem is that Lindsey Graham is a RINO like his amour No Name (McCain). My guess is that he’s even waiting for his chance for revenge for No Name after the election. He already did what he could by voting against the president in the sale of armaments to Saudi Arabia. He already said he didn’t know why Mueller didn’t indict Trump for obstruction in the “investigation” / one sided witch hunt.

    Graham gets elected by acting like he’s a conservative. Then with a 6 year term, he has 4 years to be his true commie self. I think some RINO’s like Graham are worse than DemonicRats. The only good they serve is to be counted as a Republican.

  16. I’m not especially concerned with the treasonous Graham. But I am concerned why the Supreme court would not take the case of voter fraud where numerous videos show corruption DID occur. People keep saying “Move On” that is an old story. To me that is like saying; “that murder happened a long time ago, let’s just ignore the facts and let the perpetrator go free. These criminals need to pay the price. In some cases I believe the ole adage; “bring that guilty crook here and we will give him a fair trial”. The list of criminals associated with the coup against Trump MUST be brought t justice. BUT, we have learned ; even the Supreme Court of the United States is no longer interested in Crimes committed against our Republic.

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