As Investigators Close In, Valerie Jarrett Panics, Goes On TV & Makes A Complete Fool Of Herself


Opinion| Former Senior Advisor to then-president Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, sat down with host Neil Cavuto of Coast to Coast on Thursday.

The Gateway Pundit explains, “During her discussion with anti-Trumper Cavuto Jarrett had the complete gall to lecture President Trump on foreign operatives influencing US elections. This comes after Barack Obama and the Obama deep state used foreign intel services to spy on Trump and used a British created and Hillary Clinton funded junk Russia dossier to spy on Trump and his campaign.”

Valerie Jarrett stated, “I think by his own FBI Director’s words that’s something that you’re not supposed to do. And why would we want anybody think putting their thumb on the scale for our election. Right? So you have to ask yourself why would they be giving you that information in the first place.”

38 thoughts on “As Investigators Close In, Valerie Jarrett Panics, Goes On TV & Makes A Complete Fool Of Herself

    1. She“s a filthy Muslim and only agenda is to make America a Muslim Nation. The Muslim sow needs to executed for treason.

  1. She was actually the acting President while Zero was just the marionette who’s strings she was pulling.

    1. TRUER words could not be spoken! When the Puppets partner was still a house guest of the usurping Jackson’s (still are), she “groomed” him/her to be a Presidents “wife”, but knew she was not “uptosnuff”, experienced, educated, classy, and was much too uncouth! Taking her/him under her vultures wings, she got her/him a position as a second in command of a hospital! Huge salary, but as her/his position at the “Rainbow Coalition” merely in step on the way to our White House! Which VJ already knew was in the bag, via the Puppets creators! You can’t make this stuff up! But, it was the most daring, despicable, devious, and destructive coup ANYONE had ever pulled on the most powerful country in the world! It could NOT have happened without the cooperation of most Democrats and quite a few of the Donkephant’s on the RIGHT! Yet NO one has been charged except those on the RIGHT! Who had absolutely NOTHING to do with WHY the Democrats launched the “Insane Investigation”! With the help of rogue communist (via of VJ, et al) nations who “bought” the Puppet into our White House! This woman began the same “secret society” who holds meetings right under Washington’s nose and they can’t even smell it! The “mansion” was bought; NOT for the 0’B’S, but for nefarious reasons! There’s another coup brewing right under blind eye of those who won’t even LOOK at it! Our country is in worse trouble right now, than it’s even been in our history! The ONLY real help we have is GOD, through his Son, Jesus Christ! It matters not a whit to HIM if no one believes in him, or that he exists! With “The faithful, fervent, prayers of those who DO believe in Him and his Almighty power”, MUCH can be accomplished to save our beloved nation!

  2. Here is just another thing based on unfounded things that some choose to use to stir the pot, there is no proof that any unauthorized investigation was done on Trump or his campaign in any way, and to make accusations without proof of any kind except opinions which do not in any way hold up in an investigation.

    1. Robert
      This got to be the most stupid, uninformed comment I came across in a long time.
      The entire CIA and FBI Leadership was aligned to sabotage the Trump election campaign, the WaPo and NYT were running so called Esposes that denigrated Trump as totally unqualified, and the head of the FBI, that shit head Comey explained that Hillary’s use of her private server installed in her own bath room, putting at risk America’s top secret business to the Chinese and Russians, her destruction of government owned cell phones with a kammer, destroying computer memory with Bleach bit was a non-prosecutable item ??
      Her still running around without persecution for selling 15% of US Uranium for a $$145 Mio commission in itself is an act of high treason, anyone else would be in Leavenworth for similar actions (except of course for Obama, who authorized this crime against American interests
      Thee are many soldiers in Leavenworth for far less US Security compromising actions.

    2. Have you had your head up some liberals butt? Where the Hell have you been? Low IQ snowflake that will not accept facts only propaganda and lies the anti Trump networks peddle. Grow up and face the truth. Hillary and the previous admission are guilty of Treason as well as Rebellion and Insurrection, they are going down.

    3. Robert , you really must stop watching CNN and MSNBC . The MSM has for two years barely covered the facts that have been uncovered about the attempted coup! I’m not calling you names at all just want you to know that somehow you have missed the evidence that is out there. This story is probably the most important story in the history of this country. Lots of people will be criminally indicted.

    4. You are from another planet….a complete dodo. Unbelievable how some people choose to remain so ignorant after over 2 years and millions of dollars spent on an investigation into Trump, his family, his associates, his business, every inch of his life …you numbskulls still live in lala land

    5. wow you sure are misinformed and incredible stupid00 STOOPID to believe that after all the evidence that has been shown.

    6. Robert: Were you not living in the USA during the Obama years or were you on another planet? The proof is being brought out in the news daily and remember the news media are Obama fans..they stirred their own pot which stinks.

    7. Oh yeah Robert there is plenty of proof that Obama and his handlers broke the law by using foreign intelligence agencies to try to stop the election of Trump. You will see the evidence once they start arresting these people. You can already see that they illegally used the Steele dossier as a reason to obtain a warrant against American citizens. Obama also allowed Hillary to use a unsecured Internet server to conduct Americas business. Hillary was ordered to turn over evidence but instead she got rid of the evidence. Had me or you did the same thing we would still be in prison today. If you’re ok with a set of laws for you and your family and another set for people like Obama and Hillary then by all means go ahead and vote for that. I believe one day you will see your mistake and wish you had educated yourself to what has been going on.

      1. There was so much corruption in the Obama White House, but no problem! They were So Sure that Horrid Hillary would be elected (except, just in case she wasn’t, they had a backup plan
        make sure Trump was run out of office)
        That way, all the criminal players under Obama (including O) would be protected or pardoned by that anti American POS Clinton.
        Oh, they even had the directors of our top law enforcement agencies, the FBI and CIA, involved in their plot- that
        alone should make your blood run cold

  3. Frosty has i right, “She was actually the acting President while OB Zero was just the marionette who’s strings she was pulling, this woman is dangerous and a traitor to the American people as are most of the democratic congress. jwstx

    1. True- Clinton AND Valerie Jarret (she lives with B and M). Obama-lama-dingdong was/is totally whipped. Poor guy, make that poor, corrupt, anti American guy….

    2. True- Clinton AND Valerie Jarret (she lives with B and M). Obama-lama-dingdong was/is totally whipped. Poor guy, make that poor, corrupt, anti American guy….

  4. Robert, what rock have you been hiding under? Both the CIA and FBI have admitted to investigating Trump’s campaign by order of the White House.

  5. First of all. She IS STILL Obama’s senior advisor in a shadow government that has been functioning behind the scenes with some of the previous administrations Cabinet members. She needs to be ready to go to jail when they come for Obama!!!!

  6. Excuses, excuses, what can I say, they have been caught and are scared, as they should be. Any citizen that did what those people did, would be under the jail a long time ago. I have a gut feeling the one main source of their, “Let’s get Trump,” plan was Hillary and very possibly Soros was involved, then everyone joined hands and went for it. They need to do prison time and this should never happen again. If Trump had not been elected none of us would have seen the dirtiest swamp in American history.

    1. Soros is the financier of BLM, Antifa and every anti American group out there trying to take down Trump and destroy our Republic. He has tried the same crap in countries throughout the world and is forbidden to set foot in Hungary. The only reason he hasn’t been prosecuted is because our justice system is corrupt especially under the Obama administration and even today . There are thousands of FBI and intelligence people still there working to subvert this administration . They still have jobs. I am not confident that any of these traitors will be subpoenaed and prosecuted. Only because the deep state is so rancid. Why hasn’t Christopher Wray complied with POTUS to turn over everything to the IG and AG. Because he is an empty suit who is part of the deep state trying to protect its own. He needs to be fired and a temporary replacement who is not the deep state put in his place. He has every right if his subordinate is not following his directive. POTUS is the chief of the justice department not some pissant FBI director trying to protect the traitors.

  7. Many people have said that Valerie was the real president of the Obama era presidency. There is evidence that Valerie ran our foreign policy in Iran from the get go and had a hand in the cash payout given to Iran and the weak deal.
    It’s also very hard to believe Valerie wasn’t aware of the Trump dossier and spying by Obama administration. Maybe she should be investigated for her part in the attempted coup.

  8. Does the FBI have a most wanted list anymore? Well if they were not still corrupt they would be putting the pictures of Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Samantha Powers, Ron Rosenstein, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Stzrok, Lisa Page, Valery Jarrett , John Kerry most wanted for treason in trying to keep them canidate Donald J Trump from becoming POTUS then trying to undo a presidential election . A coup against a sitting President. Punishable by death. If all these conspirators are not punished fully than justice has not been served and the deep state will be alive and well. Now as far as obstruction we could get many more. Including the MSM and Shifty Shiff and Jerry “wedgie” Nadler. Oh yes Muller and all the 19 prosecutors should also be criminally charged. Why Andrew Wiseman hasn’t been disbarred I have not a clue. He is the king of holding on to culpatory evidence. A one scumbag.

  9. You can talk the talk, you just can’t walk the walk. . What you say sounds good on paper, but the reality is that you and your friend Barry are as guilty as sin.

  10. Isn’t she a good one to talk about transparency with all the coverups in the administration that she served? What nerve!

  11. Valerie Jarrett says the Trump admin should not accept and use “foreign sourced information” to influence an election or a government. WHAT!! That is exactly what Obama’s FBI DID with the Steele Dossier, to attack and attempt a coup on the Trump presidency!!!

  12. First off, Trump said he would do BOTH, call the FBI and possibly listen.
    Hear the question and the immediate response, it was only elaborated as a HYPOTHETICAL. Everyone just picks apart statements Trump makes then arranges them for SENSATIONALISM or the GOTCHA FACTOR.

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