ANOTHER Top BLM “OFFICIAL” ARRESTED On Sexual Assault Suspicion!


Why, oh why does it always seem like the people that try to tell us they are the most upstanding and fighting for the right of people are always the ones that end up being the biggest crooks.

It always seems that the people that crow the loudest are the ones that end up being the ones that are guilty of something.

Take a look at so many of the Black Lives Matter people that have been getting arrested. It almost seems on the surface as if the way that they were the loudest ones to yell about something was so that they didn’t have people looking in their direction when they were in massive trouble themselves.

A Black Lives Matter activist prominent in Wisconsin was arrested Monday night on suspicion of sexual assault.

Milwaukee police officers arrived at Frank David Sensabaugh’s home just past 11 PM on Monday night. They told him that he had been accused of sexual assault and that they would be taking him downtown for further questioning.

Sensabaugh – a 39-year-old rapper and community activist known as “Frank Nitty II” – livestreamed the entire encounter with police on Facebook.

His first livestream of Monday’s arrest is over 17 minutes long and captures his encounter with police when they first come to his door. The second livestream lasts for 10 minutes and captures Sensabaugh’s arrest.

When police first came to his door, Sensabaugh spoke to them through his window screen and refused to open the door.

“I’m going to ask you to speak to me from here out of respect because I don’t trust you guys and I don’t know why you’re here,” he told the officers.

A female officer approached the window, and Sensabaugh became more cooperative as she explained that a young lady had accused him of sexually assaulting her, and that he would need to be arrested for questioning.

The officers gave him time to collect phone numbers, use the restroom, and call his lawyer. He continued to livestream and explained to his audience the situation.

Sensabaugh contended that he was falsely accused by a woman he knows from the marches. He told his followers that he allowed her to stay in his home and use a rental car someone had rented for him. As Sensabaugh’s story goes, she dropped him off at the airport and then disappeared with the car.

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