They Didn’t Know Why She Was In Pain For 37 Years. Then They Went Inside Her Home…


According to her GoFundMe page, all throughout her childhood, Dana Anhalt grew sicker and sicker, and at 37, she almost lost the ability to walk or use her hands.

Dana Anhalt, an artist from Huntington, New York, had been sick throughout her childhood and it only got worse. At 37, she was so impacted by whatever was ailing her that her ability to walk and use her hands was nearly lost.

She spent her whole life trying to figure out why and couldn’t until just now.

“I became ravaged by excruciating joint pain,” Anhalt wrote. “My symptom list stretched to four single-spaced pages. I started fading fast as every system of my body broke down.”

Her mysterious and severe symptoms stumped doctors for years. They diagnosed her with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID), Lyme disease, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Only recently did they identify an important piece of the puzzle.

Dana’s father, Evan Anhalt, created an account on GoFundMe, explaining his daughter’s illness. He said in 2011, Dana’s body completely shut down, inhibiting her from walking, moving, or even speaking.

He wrote, Her symptoms eluded diagnosis for decades and got so severe that she became bedridden with full-body pain. Terrible neuropathy left her unable to use her hands, even for simple tasks. She could barely walk. Her jaw nearly swelled shut from intractable pain and inflammation in the masseter muscle (which remains to this day). For many years now, she’s been isolated and imprisoned in a body that can hardly move, type, chew, or speak.”

More details from “AllThatsNews” reports:

Over the course of just a few years, the family had seen “upwards of 100 doctors”. It wasn’t until recently that doctors finally figured out what was ailing Dana; Common Variable Immunodeficiency, chronic Lyme disease, Inflammatory Response Syndrome, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. However, even though she was diagnosed with these illnesses, none of them explained why her health was deteriorating so quickly.

Evan Anhalt also said, “In 2016 she declined rapidly, became allergic to almost everything in her environment (including foods and medications), couldn’t eat solids for 7 months, became overwhelmingly intolerant to smells, tastes and touch, and was ravaged by constant excruciating joint pain. Her skin itched and burned so badly that it sometimes kept her awake for 10 days straight. Every system of her body rapidly broke down and her symptom list stretched over 4 single-spaced pages. Test results became increasingly alarming.”

The investigation into Dana’s health leads them to the Anhalt home. It was finally revealed that black mold from a flood had been poisoning Dana since childhood. Doctors said multiple Dana’s multiple genetic tests “make it impossible for her body to recognize or detox mold, Lyme, many medications, and the hundreds of thousands of artificial chemicals in our environment/products.”

Black mold is incredibly dangerous. If you see it in your home or have a musty odor, be sure to eradicate it from your home at all costs.

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Sources: Allthatsnews

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