Another Democrat Loudmouth Went Live And She Instantly Regretted It!


We surely cannot forget Donna Brazile, the former DNC “chair” who helped Hillary cheat during a debate by providing all the debate questions and received a reward because of that cheating incident by landing a sweet gig on Fox News where she was paid a hefty salary to push liberal talking points.

She had surely enjoyed it, but unfortunately for her, it all ended as Fox had distanced themselves from her.

And now Brazile is all over ABC emitting her lies and Democrat commie talking points.

After Chris Christie slammed her about the Texas “voter ID” laws, Brazile is now praying she could go back to Fox News.

Here’s a transcript from Real Clear Politics:

CHRIS CHRISTIE: You’re adding more days of early voting, you’re adding more drop boxes? That’s all in the Texas law.

 BRAZILE: It’s when you make it criminal.

 CHRISTIE: That is not an existential — Donna…

 BRAZILE: Come on.

 CHRISTIE: … not being able to drive-through vote or vote in 24-hour periods is an existential threat to voting?


 CHRISTIE: This is not — that — that’s not this.

 Now, look, you want to fight about when the feds should control this, then let’s have a — let’s have a vote on it.


 BRAZILE: HB-3 is draconian.

 I’m an election official, OK, and if I began to give people access to the ballot through online applications for absentee ballots, I can be arrested. It’s criminalizing voting in ways that we should not criminalize voting.


 CHRISTIE: No. It’s…

 BRAZILE: And it’s not just who can drive up to the polls and when.

 It’s about criminalizing the election process when you disagree with it.

Unfortunately, there is no way that the Dems could win the election integrity or even the issue with the voter ID fight.

Americans already showed their approval and faith in the voting system and the voter ID.

It is a great thing that this nation required requires ID for everything.

These Dems are now panicking and trying to make their way out of the issue Donna made that also made her even more ridiculous.

Watch it here: GOP War room/Youtube

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Real Clear Politics

3 thoughts on “Another Democrat Loudmouth Went Live And She Instantly Regretted It!

  1. The Democrats now Communists are so disgusting it is becoming +nauseating to see and or hear these low lives and their insane distaste for America.I wonder why they don’t move,Cuba needs help now and likewise Venezuela.We the people don’t need these characters at all,quite the opposite

  2. The problem is that Democrats want their cake and to eat it too . They also want their pie with ice cream . Then they want everything , all the presents gift wrapped just for them . And Lord help us if anyone else gets a gift .

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