She Says It Helped Her Lose Thirty Pounds, But Everyone Around Her Finds It Disgusting…


A woman is going viral after her peculiar claim of what she called “urine therapy”, making some people disgusted.

32-year-old Grace Jones says she drinks her urine and also puts it on her face. Grace says that because of this, she has overcome her discomfort and cured her anxiety. She further claimed that her version of “urine therapy” helped her lose thirty pounds.

Jones, a retail manager from San Diego, drinks a glass of her own urine first thing in the morning and claims that it has improved her eyesight, and regulates her blood pressure and digestive system.

The woman said that she was nervous about this controversial therapy but her confidence increased when she started seeing its benefits. Jones said that with this therapy, she has been taking a vegetarian diet and has stopped drinking alcohol.

She said: “I was skeptical at first, and it took me a while to get over the stigma of it. It tastes slightly salty and buttery, but it depends on what you’ve eaten and how you’re feeling. I wanted to get off my blood pressure medication, so I was searching for alternative methods, so when I saw someone on Instagram teaching urine therapy, I just fell into it.”

However, Jones has not been able to tell her 9-year-old partner about this till now. She said that I do not think my partner will give a positive response to this matter, so I have not told him yet. Although I told some of my close friends, they were surprised.

“I’ve told a couple of my friends and family, and some have said I don’t know what I’m doing or I’m crazy or sick, or I’m going to hurt myself because it’s toxic waste. I haven’t told my boyfriend yet because I don’t think his reaction would be positive. I’m just waiting for the right time. I have my own bathroom so I can keep it hidden.”

It is worth noting that in addition to Grace Jones, popstar Madonna also said some time ago that she also uses urine therapy.

In general, the medical community does not support the claims surrounding urine therapy. While dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, confirmed that using urine topically could help skin issues, it has to be done on a very regular schedule.

Source: AWM

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