SHOCKING Footage Shows Workers ‘Scanning FAKE Ballots’ [VIDEO]


One of the good things about there being video cameras everywhere s that you can prove whether or not something is true. Now, you can literally show someone the video.

You would think that this would go a long way in the terms of showing people how rigged the election was but until the day comes where people will actually listen, they are content to let their heads sit in the sand and say nothing about it.

But the proof is there, the election was rigged.

The election fraud in Georgia is unmistakable. Their state’s Judiciary Committee was shown a stunning video on Thursday, as witnesses detailed exactly how the footage showed poll workers scanning in ballots that were delivered secretly, in a suitcase, in the dark of night.

A suitcase full of secret ballots

In a story which is just developing, and also heavily censored by the network media, a hearing held Thursday in Georgia by the State Judiciary Committee featured explosive witness testimony and surveillance video footage showing the ballot stuffing in operation. Nobody knows where the suitcase full of ballots came from.

Security footage recorded on election night at State Farm Arena in the room where ballots were being counted was played into evidence. Attorney and volunteer Jackie Pick demanded to know, “what was the chain of custody? Where did they come from? Who put them there?”

Pick is assisting in the case, and testified that “GOP poll watchers were told that they could leave for the night, that counting had ended for that time.” After they were gone, Pick testified, “counting continued.” The video backs her up.

Cordoned off behind ropes

The video shows absentee and military ballots “being tabulated using the ballot counting machines.” Election observers complain that “they couldn’t directly see what was happening and were cordoned off behind ropes in the press area.” According to Ms. Pick, “there was one big room where the votes were being tabulated.” The film covers the entire span “from the morning late into the night.” There were two Republican field organizers, who were “not permitted to observe in a meaningful way.” That was only part of the problem.

After spending the entire day at State Farm Arena, to watch the “tabulation of military and absentee ballots,” they were there past 10 p.m. that night. Workers lied and said they were done counting so the observers left. The counting continued. “This count went on until 1 am on November 4.”

Pick narrated the video, noting, “once the coast is clear, they are going to pull ballots out from underneath a table.” then “the remaining poll watchers pulled boxes of ballots out from under tables, and began running those through the scanning tabulation machines.”

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