Alert: New Evidence Reveals John Kerry Is In DEEP Trouble!


It was last week when a major story broke which involve John Kerry and leaked communications from Iran’s Javad Zarif. Inside the tapes, we were given a picture of how much the killing of General Qasem Soleimani crippled Iran’s terror operations.

Kerry was recently caught up in a scandalous lie involving Iran and Israel – and at this point, it doesn’t seem like he has a clear-cut way out of it.

What happened is that Kerry tipped off Iranian leadership on 200 attacks that were being carried out by the Israeli’s, which comes as a complete contradiction to what the Biden admin and Kerry have previously stated on the manner.

This is an act of treason. Since Iran is not an ally but Israel is.

But it was the mention of Israeli strikes in Syria that perked ears up. According to Zarif, Kerry had tipped him off about 200 attacks that had been carried out by the Israelis.

While the Biden administration tried to play the news off as Kerry sharing public knowledge that Zarif already knew, Kerry himself denied the claim that he had shared the information in question at all.

But new evidence is calling that into question. What they found was in direct contradiction to the Biden administration and Kerry’s denials.

Of note is that it does not matter if someone was leaked to the press prior. That does not give a government official the right to leak classified information, much less to a foreign adversary. Zarif says on the tape that he did not know of the attacks prior, yet Kerry shared that information with him anyway. Whether there had been other reports out in the ether of the attacks is irrelevant in that situation. It certainly appears that Kerry leaked classified intelligence in yet another show of subservience to the Iranians.

The real question continues to be why. What is Kerry’s obsession with the Iranians? During the Trump years, Kerry also colluded with them to undermine Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Something is wrong with that picture, and the fact that Kerry is back in government is a sad testament to our system of justice which goes after Michael Flynn for supposed Logan Act violations, yet ignores Kerry’s numerous, probable breakings of the law.

This should all be a blockbuster revelation, but the major media won’t pick it up because it would hurt the Biden administration. If this were a Republican, it would be the scandal of the decade, and that’s not hyperbole. Think about how many years of gnashing of teeth occurred over supposed collusion with Russia that didn’t even happen, yet audio proof that Kerry colluded with the Iranians isn’t enough to elicit a shoulder shrug.


1 thought on “Alert: New Evidence Reveals John Kerry Is In DEEP Trouble!

  1. New evidence, new evidence, new evidence. Nothing changes except for more new evidence. And nobody is going to do anything about it, except collect more new evidence. No one has a spine to do anything about it. So all this “Deep Trouble” is just talk. And it means nothing anymore. Next week there will be more new evidence and once again he’ll be in “deep trouble” . Tell me something new.

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