ALERT: Arrest Warrant Issued For Donald J. Trump, But There’s One Major….


For years, Democrats have harbored fantasies about “taking down” former President Donald Trump. They probably never would have envisioned the Iraqi government carrying out the failed mission of Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller.

And Iraq is still making an effort despite this.

Kurdistan, 24, a Kurdish news organization located in Erbil, Iraq, reported that the highest court in the country issued an arrest order for Trump himself on Thursday. In a report by, the warrant describes an allegation of premeditated murder against Trump.

The death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani on January 3, 2020, according to Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council, amounted to murder. After Soleimani was killed by an American drone strike, the warrant was then issued three years after.

The reports, “While the warrant is clearly symbolic, a conviction of this nature carries the death penalty.”

To kill a combatant in a war zone, however, is not murder.

The Pentagon suspected that the general was preparing attacks on American service troops in the Middle East, and American intelligence assessed that Soleimani had authorized an attack on the US embassy in Iraq before he was murdered.

The Islamist dictatorship in Iran stepped up hostilities in the area and launched a barrage of missiles at an American airbase in response to Trump’s drone strike on Soleimani. Trump might be sentenced to death for the Soleimani operation if he were to go on trial in the prestigious Iraqi legal system. But, obviously, the notion of Iraq’s government securing the extradition of a former American president isn’t going to happen.

While Trump was still in office, Iraq issued a warrant for his arrest in 2021, The Associated Press reported at the time. A threat to American sovereignty exists as a result of the absurd arrest warrant.

Even though the 2003 invasion to overthrow Saddam Hussein was a mistake, an American president (or former president) is not on an equal footing with a two-bit dictator like Hussein.

The likelihood of any American administration turning over a former president to another nation is essentially zero, even in the very divisive political climate of the United States now.

The demise of the terrorist group known as the Islamic State depended heavily on American military assistance. Iraq needs to be aware of the generous security and financial support it has received from the United States. Iraq very might not exist as a sovereign country, If not for American support.

Iraq seems to favor tight ties with the jihadist and belligerent dictatorship in Iran over goodwill with the United States. Well, perhaps the United States can seek a new partnership with an independent Kurdistan, which yearns for freedom from the harsh sectarianism of Iraq, rather than backing that country’s corrupt leadership.

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