This List Of Some Of King Charles’ Insane Demands Will Make You….


From spoiled prince to spoiled king. Despite being proclaimed Britain’s reigning monarch just last weekend, Charles III lived like a king all his life.

King Charles was reportedly nicknamed the “spoiled prince” by his staff at Clarence House who would have “everything done for him,” where he lived with his wife Queen Consort Camilla from 2003 until his recent accession to the throne.

In fact, according to The New York Post, the former Prince of Wales has reportedly been living like a king from the moment he was born. As his alleged daily demands were recently revealed to the public, many may become weary of King Charles III and his expectations as the new reigning monarch.

“His pajamas are pressed every morning, his shoelaces are pressed flat with an iron, the bath plug has to be in a certain position, and the water temperature has to be just tepid,” in a bathtub filled “only half full,” Burrell said.

The king even “has his valets squeeze one inch of toothpaste onto his toothbrush every morning.”

Burrell had another anecdote the Express found worth sharing in 2019.

“On one occasion, he [Charles] rang me from his library and he said, ‘Oh Paul, a letter from the Queen seems to have fallen into my wastepaper bin. Would you pick it out?’”  Burrell said.

Chef Graham Newbould, a former member of the royal staff, said breakfast did not vary, the Post reported.

“Prince Charles has a healthier option. He’d have homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit, fresh fruit juices,” Newbould said.

“Wherever the prince goes in the world, the breakfast box goes with him. He has six different types of honey, some special mueslis, his dried fruit and anything that’s a bit special that he is a bit fussy about,” Newbould said.

King Charles III likes having his cheese and biscuits be prepared at a particular temperature at the end of every meal and made sure there is a warming tray nearby. “Since he’s particular about everything”, an insider to royal claimed to MyLondon.

Now you may find this a bit strange but it was not just his breakfast box that traveled with King Charles, but in ‘The Palace Papers,’ Tina Brown reported that a van was always on the move carrying his “bed, furniture and even pictures” with him, while he visited his friends’ country houses. He even brought his own toilet seat and Kleenex Velvet toilet paper on all his travels.

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